How to Deal with Short Man Syndrome

Who is short in stature and brings small sizes, often feel “small” at all, he lives and behaves as a child and feels a deep sense of unease towards their own corporeality, he lived as reductive and compromising.

But is not so! It is true that “the grass is always greener “but a lot of people, with larger sizes, could list the myriad advantages of the wearer of the mini sizes, as well as all the mini people who would not invest a penny to become big!

First of all I talk to teenagers:  never say never! It is still possible to buy a few centimeters in height over the years and then, despite the new generations are more and more high, many stop at an average of 1 meter and 55! And  the world is beautiful because it is different  and you can never be the only smurfs in a world of giants!

In show business, there are also many examples of so-called “petites” and as well as being icons of the music, so are the fashion… and also coming to show less years than they have! A little ‘names? Giusy Ferreri (1,55cm), Emma Bunton (1,55cm), Geri Halliwell (1,57cm), Kylie Minogue (1,51cm), Christina Aguilera (1,56cm), Fergie (1, 59cm).

Apart from all possible pop psychology in such cases, there are some tricks to use to decrease a bit ‘the gap that we feel ….

HEELS: undoubtedly the best allies of women but attention to some details … improve the effect and increase your height, so wearing high heels will make your beautiful figure without appearing, as usual, eternal girls! But know that in terms of practicality are a bit ‘poor! Walking on 10cm heels is not always so easy, blisters and calluses can be the result as well as back problems, posture and cellulite. Without forgetting the possible “tumbles” that make us die of shame! So yes to heels but in moderation and take care of your feet: for them the cream is a good ally. Finally, remember that even though the dancers are female and it’s not just the detail that makes us more woman!

SKIRT OR PANTS?: Pants stand out short legs so either you choose them a high waist (low waist shortens!) Or you prefer skirts, but attention to the length . Do not always long skirts do appear more slender! If they are long and narrow Yes but if long and wide not. No more then the knee down! The shoe coupled will do the rest: one jackboot style cow-girl or a décolleté  leave two different impressions in those who look at us… no ?! The definitely shorter skirts the big picture, however, with attention to the proportions!

ACCESSORIES: we keep in mind the proportion even for accessories, which in “petites” must necessarily be mini! For any accessory you use choose handbags, necklaces, rings, belts, scarves small! Maxi accessories will only cover your neck, your wrist or your hand!

The secret then is to do many tests… that you discover what is the right skirt for you, the right heel to your needs, cutting better hair (which, as for the accessories must not be too large!)… All in good company! Another pair of eyes, even those of the mother or friend, will help us to be less critical with ourselves and to have a neutral opinion so as to make the mirror an ally, not an enemy!

Over the years then, our society is becoming more multiracial and even now we are confronted every day with people who differ in race, ethnicity, culture, eye color… then the height becomes just one of many differences.

But above all, our stature, our physicality and our character make us unique in the presence of others and any uniqueness has something special: learn to live together peacefully and in harmony with yourself and you will see that the affects will be visible at all!