How to Find Your Perfect Shade of Red Lipstick

Each of us has a red lipstick, but sometimes that does not value us, because it’s not the shade that best suits our hair and on our skin. To know how to choose it, follow our advice!

The red lipstick is the most iconic of the lipsticks and usually never miss the beauty case of a woman.

However, sometimes when we wear it, we realize that we do not value at all and indeed highlights some defect.

This is due to the fact that there is no single shade of red lipstick, but there are several.

It is important to know how to choose the shade that we are better: only then can we fully exploit the sensual charm that gives a lipstick red.

Let’s see how to choose:

1. Depending on the color of hair

If your hair is blond, it is best to avoid too intense colors, like red fire, and preferred colors of a lighter shade, such as fishing.

If your hair is dark, the perfect shade of red lipstick is either very turned on or very dark, like Sourcemakeup.

With the latter two shades remember to match a lip pencil, which will avoid smudging that with those colors may be very obvious.

2. According to the skin

The red after all is well with any type of skin, even if it is better on fair skin.

In any case it is well on olive skin, provided that the flesh is homogeneous: it is therefore useful to use a good foundation .

A tip: usually try the lipsticks on the back of his hand, but the effect that we see will never be like that then the lipstick will once on the lips, because they usually have a different color than the skin .

So the ideal would try them directly on the lips.