How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow Palette Without Alcohol

In times of crisis we can not afford to waste. It would be foolish to throw away a face powder or an eyeshadow just because they have fallen and have frantumati.Questi few simple precautions will return as your new powder products “dented”!

Hands up who has never seen to crash to the ground his face powder or eye shadow just end up seeing it shattered on the bathroom tiles. Murphy in his laws he forgot to add that this kind of thing happens, in 98% of cases, early in the morning, when we “hands ricotta”, when we have a hell of a hurry and maybe we find ourselves to be in a scandalous delay because we owed ​​arming a broom and dustpan to collect the remains of the product even on the wall.

We are in times of crisis, and this is nothing new, so it would be a great pity to throw out a make-up product, maybe expensive, only because it was broken. By following these few simple steps can save and as good as new a powder (powder, ground, blush, eye shadow and so on.) who has experienced the thrill of flying.

1) Arm yourself with patience and try to collect as much dust as possible, perhaps with the aid of a card and try to store it in its original packaging or, if you prefer, you can transfer it to a bowl to work it better and put it back in place after the stage 3.

2) Pressed powder well to make it homogeneous, sometimes it happens that, even after the fall, some pieces of the product remained compact.
3) Add ethyl alcohol with an eyedropper. Warning! You have to be very careful not to abound with the doses: a drop or two at most will be sufficient. Regulator with the quantity of the product, some lands on the market have the diameter of a frying pan, eye shadows instead, are notoriously small.
4) Continue to press as long as the product does not find its original compactness. Leave the packaging open all night, so the alcohol will evaporate and the next morning will end your eye shadow or your powder as just purchased!