How to Get Long Eyelashes Without Mascara

In the web there are many recipes that promise to strengthen our eyelashes. Stuff for Women chose one for you: you’ve already experienced?

“You can not consider yourself a true Geisha until you can stop a man in the street at a glance”.

[Mameha, from the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha”]

Yes, dear readers, one of the most powerful weapons of seduction that a woman can use is just the look! It is for this reason that we women pay – in general – a lot of attention to the make-up of eyes with pencils, illuminating eye shadows, eyeliners, but – above all – with mascara: Yes, the secret to a truly breathtaking look is to enhance the lashes that need to be strictlylong and thick . Some people also used the false eyelashes to make eyes like a sword capable of penetrating the mind of any man who happens under fire! But there is a remedy to make them grow faster and even stronger? On average, in fact , eyelashes fall off and are renewed every five months, a much slower process of hair growth! To give a little hand to Mother Nature, in addition to various cosmetic products sold in drugstores and / or pharmacies, we can resort to natural ones. Going to browse the web, there are really many “recipes DIY” that promise to strengthen and nourish the eyelashes and, among the most popular is certainly one based on castor oil. Some people recommend using it alone (without combining it with other types of oil) and who mixes it with other substances: among the many found on the net, we choose to offer the remedy Clio Make Up:


To a 30 ml container

¾ of castor oil

10 drops of oil of Jojoba

2 drops of oil of Argan

Filled to ¾ the container with castor oil. Add the Jojoba Oil and Argan oil and mix together. For the application you can use an old mascara applicator (washed) or, alternatively, a cotton bud. Another way is to pour a small amount on a cotton pad and press gently on the lashes with eyes closed.


Castor oil carries out a strengthening of eyelashes and eyebrows. Jojoba oil penetrates into the structure of feeding them to the bottom lashes. Argan oil has excellent nourishing and protective.

In short, an easy and inexpensive remedy to help our look to be more alluring and attractive. And for you, dear readers, what is the real weapon of seduction to which a woman can not possibly give up?