How to Get Perfect Natural Curls Without Frizz

Curly hair, you know, they are so beautiful to show how challenging to maintain. Already because whether it be of natural or artificial curly, hair require commitment and constant care, even just to maintain the fold for a limited period of time

Let’s see some tips, from the choice of the cut, which allow you to keep always perfect curls.

First, the cut must be adapted to both the shape of the face that the nature of hair. Not all types of curls are alike: the hair may be more or less moved. In the latter case, perhaps it is much better to choose a not too long cut, for hair, growing and appesantendosi, easily lose shape and volume. Otherwise, keep them long can be a good solution to handle them more easily.

In any case it is important to take care adequately of their hair. First of all, you have to select suitable products. Sometimes some of these products can be very expensive, but fortunately it is easy to find on the net, especially on sites like Groupon, some ideas to save on products for curly hair. Another way to avoid spending too much money on products and treatments take special care to some things, such as to follow a balanced diet as possible and avoid exposing your hair to stress factors such as smog.

To better manage their own hair have to do that too much attention to washing, drying and the use of the brush. The advice is to wash them at most 3 times per week with specific shampoos and conditioner, use a nourishing mask at least once a week and avoid rubbing them too much during drying (better pat or, in summer, let them dry naturally) or use a diffuser.

absolutely avoid the use of the brush to dry hair: can have disastrous effects, both for the health of hair that from a strictly aesthetic point of view. Just comb it when wet, possibly using a comb with wide teeth.

To maintain the fold, it can be useful to use the cream governing specific for curly hair, in such a way as to give the hairstyle form. In addition, to tie them, it is wise to use loose clips or chopsticks in place of too tight elastic: the latter can rip hair or create waves not just beautiful to see.