How to Have a Fair Skin

If it’s one of those people who have pigmentation problems or simply wish to have a lighter skin, the following tips are perfect for you. Then, we present to you the home remedies and more simple and economic tricks with which will be able to reduce some of the color of their skin tones. If you want to know more about how to have a fair skin, be sure to read the following article. Discover these easy tricks of beauty ideals to achieve a lighter tone, which can be carried out with products you have at home. Ready to get a clear, beautiful skin and healthy?


  1. Firstly, you should know that the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C can help you get your skin to become clearer. Is known and has been scientifically proven that this property helps reducing melanin production in the skin. Remember that melanin is the dark pigment that is stored in our cells and that, when activated, allows us to increase some skin color tones. So if consuming vitamin C, get melanin does not activate in large proportions and may keep their white complexion.
  1. To brighten your face, we suggest you perform a homemade mask based on egg, lemon juice, olive oil and milk. The preparation is simple, mix one egg with one tablespoon of olive oil and three natural lemon juice. Once dissolved all the ingredients, apply the mixture on your skin and let it act for 10 minutes, approximately. Then, rinse the mask off with milk. You must repeat this procedure multiple times until you get the desired whitening effect. Why not try?
  1. Another effective trick to achieve a whiter skin is preparing a mask based on flour and milk. Mix both ingredients until the mixture and apply on your face, where you should leave between 10:15 minutes. After this time, remove the mixture to rinse the face with warm water. Besides a remarkable effect, this mask rehydrate whitening her face. Will be wonderful!

If you want to find out more treatments such as these, we recommend that you refer to the article how to make homemade masks to lighten the skin.

  1. Other options are taking a bath based on papaya soap or apply bio-oil on your skin. The papaya soap can help you brighten the skin, since this fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which, as we said, reduces the production of melanin and preserves your skin with a clear tone. As for the bio-oil, will contribute to the renewal and regeneration of the skin, and helps you eliminate dark spots.
  1. There are specific products that can help you get your skin whiter, since aesthetic creams to bleaching soaps. You can find these products in any cosmetic store or at a pharmacy. See its properties before using them.