How to Highlight Eyelashes

Learn how to have superpower lashes using only basic items from your makeup kit

Having eyelashes is easier than you think. Just use a few basic makeup kit items to enhance your look with bulky, well-defined lashes. And to make it beautiful without going wrong, you need to stay on top of some tips on how to highlight eyelashes .

So, separate the eyelash , the mascara , lose the fear of wearing false eyelashes and follow our tips.The result is incredible.

Start with the curvex

The Eyelash Curler is essential for anyone who wants a sweeping make-up with marked eyes, molded eyelashes and volume.

To ensure a much more beautiful curved effect, place the eyelash curler close to the eyelashes and gently tighten to avoid pinching the eyelid.

Do lifting movements and lightly squeeze the appliance upward for a more curved eyelash finish. According to whitehallmakeup, remember that in order not to break the eyelashes, the eyelash curler should be applied before the mascara.

Generous layers of mascara

The mascara makes a total difference in makeup. Applying two to three layers of the product is essential to have a more beautiful and outstanding eyelash effect.

If you want to look up, apply the product on the upper eyelashes from the root to the tips, always making up and obeying the direction of the threads.Mascara can also be applied to the lower lashes.

To prevent eyelashes from sticking together with polka dots, you first have to choose a mask for quality eyelashes . Whenever you use the product, remove the excess of mascara that accumulates on the brush on the edge of the package. If you erase the makeup when applying mascara , you should only gently stain the stain with the help of a liquid make-up remover.

Bet on false eyelashes

Look more elaborate, whether for the ballad or for more sophisticated events, ask for a sexy and striking look. Hence, a surefire hint as to enhancing lashes is to complement a make-up with false eyelashes .

But to ensure a beautiful, natural looking effect, you need to know how to put them properly.Before applying false eyelashes , leave them the size of your eyes.If necessary, use the trimmer for trimming.

Next, take the eyelash glue and pass on the edge of the eyelashes, using tweezers to help secure them from the outer corner to the inner, close to the eye contour.After the application, wait about 20 minutes and then pass the mascara normally