How to Look Good the Morning after a Party

Who doesn’t like parties? But what if the next day you can’t afford to make lazy in bed until the evening? Here’s what to do to be beautiful and energetic the next morning …

More beautiful the feast, the worse it gets for you the next morning. Not only will you feel bad, but your appearance will be a disaster. If you want to be fresh and full of energy after a memorable celebration, follow a few simple tricks.
The first steps you must take before the party. So make sure you eat something before, a light meal but consistent, give you energy and fill your stomach. Remember that no good drinking on an empty stomach.
During the party do not attempt to mix drinks. This if you want to keep your dignity intact and enjoy the following day. More mix drinks, plus you get drunk first and worst.
Even if you do not consume alcohol, after the party drink two large glasses of water to stay hydrated.
Also, don’t forget to remove your make, no matter how tired. It’s the first rule of skin care and you don’t have to ignore it even after a night of fun.
Makeup left on your face during the night closes the pores and gives you look tired. To simplify what, put in hand a package of wipes that are easier and more comfortable to use.
In the morning, start your day with a fresh orange juice and coffee. The first refresh your body, the second helps wake you up. Don’t forget to make a breakfast full of protein and complex carbohydrates that give energy.
After breakfast, take a hot shower-not hot. Use a scrub strong all over the body to eliminate tobacco odor from the skin that remains after the holidays. You can use a shower gel with Mint or with a fresh, fruity aroma, which helps wake you up faster. Finally, pass a jet of cold water on the body.
For dark circles and puffy eyes? Get some tea, and then put the bags in the fridge and then post them on the eyes. Leave to act for a few minutes to freshen up the face. Finally, a highly moisturizing cream and, if possible, avoid the trick.
Of course you need to hydrate your entire body, not just your skin. For this you can try a drink for athletes, which contains, in addition to water, electrolytes. If there is no you, no more water should be sufficient.
How do you pull up after a wonderful party night? What are your tricks? Tell us!