How to Make a Hook Nose Look Smaller

Hi girls! After seeing how make up thin lips, and how to best valorrizzare small eyes continue to see what are the best measures to be adopted make up the basis of our physical characteristics … let’s see how today’s all rig the  aquiline nose

Aquiline nose comes up with the characteristic hump on the profile and it is believed that gifts to face a ‘ more aristocratic and sternly. I personally believe that many women who possess this characteristic would be much less interesting with an upturned nose does not think the same way and look for ways to make it French, but often those with an aquiline nose less noticeable..

Given that this type of nose is the most difficult to change here is the ‘necessary to mitigate the typical hump characteristic aquiline nose:

Foundation enough coverage
Light Concealer
 dark Corrector (or Fard / Land / Eyeshadow brown)
 Brush for shading

Are commercially palette of very provided correctors, I personally find it very complete the Concealer Palette Zoeva where we find everything we need to illuminate, make the contouring and correcting imperfections:
So let’s see how we can make an aquiline nose less noticeable with the Make Up in Step 4:

1  All along the nose and stretch a veil of opaque enough foundation evenly to make the complexion more even and reduce imperfections
2  Using the technique of contouring  let’s make it less noticeable hump on the nose darkening it with a darker concealer of our embodied by at least 2 tones. In this way we are going to darken the light point that is created usually on the hump.

3  With a light concealer illuminate the gray area that is formed between the upper bridge of his nose and eyebrows: this creates a contrast that will help to put less in evidence the small hump on the nose.

4 Remember to make lights and shadows omogeee blending it all with a brush, there should be no net color boundaries … the result should be as natural as possible!

Spink Tip:

Avoid long straight hair, especially if dark, because these look accentuate the lines of the nose. Choose a less rigid cutting and climbed that gives movement to the facial lines