How to Make Hair Cut Medium Walkthrough

Today I tell some secrets about medium hair. Tips cuts and hairstyles for you to rock the look, and if you like, take a picture in the mirror to post on Facebook. The average cut is widely used among women, combines modern touch short to long sensuality.

Let’s start with hairstyles, talking about who is on the rise since 2012, and due to favoritism, maybe stay for longer giving a break to the flat iron. I’m talking about messy hair, which in free translation means messy hair. This beautiful and wonderful hairstyle that has the style “woke up like that,” began to hit the famous, and of course, fell in the grace of womenfolk. But there are many who can not do it in a way to stay cool. We will step by step to make your life easier.

Medium Hair Cut: Messy Hair

1 – With the still damp hair, apply mousse;
2 – Dry, preferably with diffuser (if it does not have one, put on your list of things that need to have);
3 – Apply the spray and the dryer in temperature cool, knead the hair ends with hands;
4 – Finally put more spray.

This is just one way to achieve this effect. In some salons, hairdressers use bobs and babyllis at the root, to make it more bulky, then separate the curls with your hands and end with spray. This hairstyle looks with the most visible effect on smooth and wavy hair. It can be used with loose hair and varying between a bun, ponytail and braid. The important thing is to keep the wires unaligned. It is too much! I’m sure you’ll love the result.

Now check out more 5 hairstyles that look great on medium hair.

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Medium Hair Cut: Horsetail

Ah, this is glamorous! It is a low ponytail and side. The image is a straight hair, but is also legal in wavy hair. In curly, it is perfect if you do a braid.

Medium Hair Cut: Accessories

For those with fringe, headbands and tiaras fall as well. You can vary in different models and play with the wires.

Medium Hair Cut: Romantic

Oh, how beautiful! Moreover it is super easy and fast. You will only need grampinhos to hold the locks on the sides. This is very feminine.

Medium Hair Cut: Sexy 

This is to raze blocks. Brush your hair well, then put aside and make a side braid.

Medium Hair Cut: Semi Arrested

Within this style there are many variations. It is legal in extremely straight hair in wavy, textured and also in the curly.

The most interesting thing to know is that hairstyles horizons open, and we fail to always use the same. Now it is to test all of these models, on several occasions.

Medium Hair Cut: Cuts

Let the courts! Who already have medium hair, you can change the style, who has long hair, you can cut a little. The average hair is characterized by having a size at shoulder level or slightly below. It is high in summer 2016 due to have been widely used by various characters in Brazilian soap operas. And it seems it will continue pumping. So check out these tips:

Medium Hair Cut: Peaked

This is the darling! The Peaked is perfect on the line just below the shoulders. It gives a massive effect on the look.

Medium Hair Cut: Fringe

The fringe is a perfect match. But be careful, as it does not suit all types of face. Do not use if your hair bangs have much volume.

Medium Hair Cut: Shredded

Frayed edges and side bangs leave the cut at the shoulders with a formal style. It is very good for hair with little volume and women with oval face.

Medium Hair Cut: Layers

The layers are also ideal for medium hair. It is a cut that enhances the woman’s face and leaves hair with an amazing effect!

Medium Hair Cut: Straight

Finally, the straight cut, also known as “Long Channel.” No fringes, no layers, no frayed and without peaked. Only gets this effect in straight hair. But if your hair is wavy, that’s why there is a flat iron.

One more tip: If your hair is very full, careful! The cut in the shoulders can leave the “armed” wires.

Now just choose the cut you like best and then vary between the gorgeous hairstyles that show. The average cut is perfect for all styles of women. Use and abuse!

Discuss what you think of the cuts and medium hair!