How to Make Lashes Longer and Thicker

What woman would not want to have thick and voluminous lashes to show off a look doe? To know how to lengthen lashes we found many natural and economic remedies that will allow you to simply be attractive. Just a little, right?

The eyelashes, as well as the eyebrows, are extremely important to have a really attractive and look seductive.

To put it on display, however, it is necessary that the lashes are perfect, otherwise there is no trick worthy of it is highlighted.

We know that long eyelashes make the captivating and intense look, but unfortunately not all we have received from Mother Nature’s gift of them long and thick.

Do not despair: to everything there is a solution!

To give volume and make them more bushy do not need to resort to those fake or highly damaging not only complicated, extension .

We must take care, and with simple and natural remedies we can strengthen them and see them grow day by day.

Surely the choice of mascara is not to be underestimated!

Has always been our ally in the fight against little thick lashes, thanks to its brush pass it normally from the base to the tip.

If your lashes are sparse, however, not always the curvature is effective.

Also, maybe a few people know that in their composition some mascara contain ingredients harmful which may include: paraffin, petrolatum and preservatives that release formaldehyde, as well as toxic substances, bacteria, carcinogens.

If we want to look beautiful, we must necessarily suffer?

No, if there are natural mascara and other remedies that can give us thick lashes and stretched without losing health on a daily basis.

However, to get the desired results we made a list with some highly effective methods.

What are you waiting? Go and try it!

1. Of Castor Oil

A particularly effective and nutritious remedy is the use of a few drops of castor oil, easily available product both in pharmacies and in health food stores.

We can apply it by wetting the soft bristles of a toothbrush teeth or of a brush of an old mascara, after having washed and dried thoroughly, directly from the phial containing the oil.

At this point we just have to spread it on the lashes, with light and delicate gestures, spreading it over the entire length of the lashes.

Let us focus more on the root of the lashes and to ensure that it penetrates better, absorbing all the beneficial properties, use a comb to separate lashes well one another.

For greater efficiency, we carry out this treatment, the evening before going to sleep and repeat it every day.

Situated just a few months to see a marked improvement and our eyelashes are thicker, shiny and elongated.

2. Olive Oil and Rose Water

Another ancient remedy sees behind a mixture of olive oil and rose water , pure (100%).

This compound, mixed in a container, we can spread from the root up to the tips of the eyelashes, possibly just no make-up.

This will ensure that reconstruct the structure of the hair, weakened, and be strengthened during the night, making sure that the products used the following morning are less aggressive.

The olive oil , such as coconut and jojoba contain vitamins and minerals, for which if regularly applied stretch, hydrate and thicken the eyelashes.

3. Vaseline

Even petroleum jelly falls in the group of products as old as effective.

We can find to the state liquid or cream, use it pure or by mixing it with a few drops of lavender, has always been an excellent remedy to make compresses.

Apply it on the eyelashes, massaging gently with your fingers or helping with a pipe cleaner, after a few weeks you will see them grow thick and shiny.

They will undoubtedly have a healthier appearance and nurtured.

4. Almond Oil

Widely used in the cosmetics industry, from large moisturizing properties, almond oil is another timeless our ally.

To apply it just pour a few drops on a cotton ball and with a movement from the bottom up, let the oil penetrate between the eyelashes.

Take action all night and after a few weeks you will notice the difference and benefits than you used when you do not.

5. Eyelash Curler

Designed specifically to curl the lashes, although watching him seems an instrument of evil!

Deep down, however, it hides magical powers, just lay the lash on the gasket, tighten the metal base and leave on for a few seconds.

Thus the lashes take on a wonderful curvature, they will seem longer than they really are, and we can finish them with a veil of natural mascara!

If you are not very good, be very careful.

The only fear would be to close one eye in the clutches of the eyelash curler.

I recommend!

6. Food Rich in Vitamins

Even nutrition can positively affect our body, facilitating the growth of eyelashes.

Having such a protein base, if nourished properly with equally food protein such as eggs, fruits and dark leafy vegetables, help to strengthen them both in the growth both against stress of cosmetics used daily.

The right amount of nutrients, you will find in no time a fast, besides remarkable difference!

7. Hygiene and Hydration

To show off pretty thick eyelashes is very important to take good eye care through its hygiene and cleanliness.

In order to maintain healthy eyelashes over time, remember to remove make-up eyes every night before going to bed.

Without using excessively aggressive products without rubbing in the wild, gently massage and make sure that you have removed all traces of mascara and pencil.

Keeping his eyes always clean will avoid that your eyelashes will be weakened, and no doubt will look more polished.