How to Make Lips Thin Naturally

Dreams a mouth to kiss, but you have thin lips? Here are 8 tips on what to do and not do for a perfect make-up!

The voluminous lips are sensual detail that is hard to resist, the more magnetic blue eyes or a plunging neckline.

Unfortunately not all are born with the luck of Scarlett Johansson , with whom Mother Nature has been more than generous – but where is it equity? – But no need to deturparsi with plastic surgery and spending a fortune for two lips measure dinghy.

To enhance the natural size of his mouth just follow a few simple tips about the make-up! 

1. Preliminary Step: hydration!

Before you even run in perfumery to plunder the stands of volumizing products from, the first step to beautiful full lips is proper hydration!

Apply daily a balm , preferably of natural origin: those based petrolatum fact give only a temporary effect, and after the return lips dry and cracked first.

To eliminate the cuticle and make your mouth perfectly smooth, however, as to skin the watchword is one: scrub!

I will use one easy and home made, mixing in equal parts a teaspoon of honey and sugar cane.

Yes, with these amounts you will come a lot: you can take the opportunity to apply it all over your face at once!

Massage for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly, the benefits will be instant.

Well, now that the lips are perfectly smooth and soft, we can go to the beauty case.

2. Illuminating

One of the first things that YouTube gurus have taught us the trick – such as in the contouring – is that the lights play a key role in redefining the volumes: while the darker areas are shrunken and brought back, the lighter and lit seem protrude more.

For this reason one of the tricks to make the most pronounced lips is to draw a veil of illuminating arch of Cupid, the area that lies between the nose and the center fold of the upper lip, which typically is the smallest of the two, and therefore more needs to be zoomed.

In this way it will seem more full and fleshy, but be careful not to abuse the enlightening: we do not want mica effect sweaty mustache ?!

3. First

The primers are not the product most loved by girls using EcoBio tricks: to extend the life of make-up, in fact, often contain silicones and other ingredients that clog the pores.

It is not to be used every day, but for a special occasion there we can give!

Especially for thin lips are commercially available bulking of primer, which hung on the lips give a temporary effect “lip pimper”.

Pinch a bit ‘, but who wants to look nice …!

4. How to apply the pencil

To create a lasting basis for all the days you can replace the pencil to the primer.

Stretched out on all the lips, thanks to its drier consistency will ensure that lipstick does not slip or go to accumulate in the folds around the mouth.

One of the girls problems with thin lips fact is that they are often ill-defined!

The pencil is a good ally on this side.

But careful not to make your enemy: you do not follow the old advice that is still on some blogs to draw the lip a few millimeters more out of what you of course!

The clown pretended effect is assured, nothing less sexy!

5. To all gloss!

The speech of light and shadow that was made for the Cupid’s bow is ten times more effective when applied directly to the lips.

Choose the gloss instead of lipstick is the fastest way to get the diva lips!

Its creamy texture and clarity reflect light and make the voluminous mouth in seconds!

Always take it in your bag, since it tends to fade quickly.

We do not want mica out with a pink mouth and get to mid-evening with nothing more than a withered flower, right?

6. No al matt!

The matte lipstick, worn in the right way, is elegant and refined like few other makeup products.

But unfortunately it is not ideal if our purpose is to make the biggest lips: his very dry consistency tends indeed to dry out the lips,  with the optical effect of shrink them.

7. It’s a PINK world!

Touch up every hour the gloss is not for you? Your boyfriend complains of having sticky face after you kissed with lip gloss? You feel too young girls with your mouth that tastes like candy?

No problem, I still have a card to play in my cosmetic bag!

The right lipstick for a girl from the lips is fine by light colors and pink, ranging from bubblegum pink to peach. Pick one that is comfortable on the lips, the soft texture not to mark the cuticle, but rather give a bell ‘ effect from petal pink to your lips!

Here the beautiful Emma Stone wears for a promotional campaign of a pink lipstick cosmetics that gives his lips not quite pienissime – you’ll know his photos looking natural – an irresistible softness and shine.

8. Avoid dark colors

If bright colors are great for volumizing the lips, it goes without saying that dark colors are bad, right?

Well, for some girls it is not so immediate.

Some are convinced that being the most intense dark colors, you notice more and make it stand out as the mouth.

It may be true, but only partially: recall the discussion on the lights and shadows?

A dark color will inevitably create the illusion of flatness, not highlighting the much desired volume.