How to Make Makeup with Household Items

It is true that for every problem there is a natural home remedy! Here are 23 ways to use simple products, newspapers and environmentally friendly for our beauty and beyond.
When we run out of products or time, the only thing is to improvise.

Especially when it comes to beauty.

And many times we remain astonished by ourselves for ingenious solutions we find.

Here are 23 ideas among the thousands that every woman experiences every day to solve problems beauty.

The oil will help soften the hair , preventing the appearance of split ends.

1. Spray homemade saline

Just one teaspoon of sea salt diluted in half a liter of tonic water.

Put the resulting liquid into a spray bottle.

Here’s your salt spray!

Useful for the face but also for the hair.

2. Wipes for electric hair

If your hair is stuffed static electricity, pass them with a towel or a wet handkerchief.

The situation will improve in a few moments!

3. Starch spray as a dry shampoo

Did you know that dry shampoos contain starch?

That’s why putting a little ‘starch in a spray can, you’ll get a good dry shampoo!

Keep the can to 6-8 centimeters away from the skin and spray the most oily areas to make still perfectly clean hair.

4. Mask for hair with coconut oil

Use coconut oil to create a mask for hair.

Wash them, add shampoo, rinse and then apply the oil all over the scalp to the ends.

Then rinse with plenty of water.

5. Plain yogurt for burns

Apply a bit ‘of yoghurt on small burn and leave it on for about ten minutes.

The high content of probiotics in yogurt will help to restore the skin’s natural barrier.

6. Apple cider vinegar as a tonic

The vinegar is a purifying agent and acts as an astringent , so you can use it as a tonic for the facial skin.

7. Wash your face with olive oil

The lava olive oil face acting like a magnet to the oil that is on the skin and in the pores, leaving you a glowing skin and super clean.

8. Wipe your face with the coffee filter

Always brings a couple of coffee filters in the bag if it is hot and your skin tends to shiny.

After being wrapped in a handkerchief, wipes his face from the top down to reduce the clarity.

9. Tea Bags to reduce eye puffiness

If you suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes, no fear!

The quickest way to deflate the dark circles is to apply two bags of ice tea, under the eyes, for five or six minutes.

10. Transparent tape as a guideline for the eyeliner

If you do not have a steady hand and would like the beautiful cat-eyes, use a piece of transparent adhesive tape and apply from the end of the lower eye lashes up to the temples.

Then trace the upper eyelash line along the tape with ‘ eyeliner … for a’ perfect application.

11. Collect the glitter with tape

If you have already applied an illuminating glittery, or just full of glitter eye shadow, you’ll know how hard it is, then, completely remove the glitter from her face.

Here is the solution: transparent tape!

It is not too sticky to pull the skin, but it is sticky enough to lift the glitter from the cheekbones.

12. Whiten your teeth with baking soda

Baking soda can be effective when it comes to polishing the teeth because it is a mild abrasive , which means it will not hurt the enamel (if it is then rinsed away), but will remove surface stains from coffee, wine or other.

13. warm bath with oatmeal

If you have very dry skin , or you have a sunburn, and you want to soothe the redness, take a bath of oatmeal.

Oats not only contains fats that act as lubricants, moisturizing dry skin, but is also made up of complex sugars which leave a gelatinous film on the skin helping to remove dryness and itching.

After the bath, rinse the body well to remove any grease.

14. Balm for hair removal with a razor

If you run out of shaving cream to shave your legs, you can use hair conditioner !

It will leave your legs smooth and soft.

Seeing is believing!

15. Scrub with sugar cane

In a small bowl, pour your favorite shower gel and a little ‘raw cane sugar.

Mix well with a spoon, to make uniform scrubs obtained.

In the shower, after you’ve washed, apply the scrub all over the body with circular massages.

If you have a delicate skin and scrubs got you seem too hard, you can add honey or coconut oil .

16. Hair tousled goodbye, with hand cream

You’ve surely had to do with the hair that does not stand still and you mess in three seconds, after which it took you a lifetime to make the fold.

If you are also tired of this hair insurrection , use a small amount of hand cream and apply it on the hair.

Then spazzolali.

Another thing, right?

17. Hydrate with coconut oil

A simple and environmentally friendly way to moisturize your skin is to use coconut oil.

Thanks to fatty acids it contains, your skin will be smoother now.

18. Vaseline to keep the scent

Before spraying perfume, applied at the points where usually you put it, a little ‘vaseline.

Only after spraying.

You’ll find that the scent remains much longer.

19. Whitening Toothpaste for nails

Use whitening toothpaste to remove stains on your nails.

Helped by applying the toothpaste on the brush, just like when you brush your teeth.

Do not scrape too fingernails are not scratched.

Massaggiale gently and then rinse well.

20. Avoid rust with nail polish

To prevent rust on metal cans, those lacquer, shaving foam, or even on the scissors, tweezers and other items, apply a bit ‘of clear nail polish.

21. Use toothpaste to polish silver

To make bracelets, rings, silverware and other utensils or silver trinkets  new brand , spazzolaci a bit ‘of toothpaste gently, at least a couple of times.

Then lucidalo with a tissue and rinse.

22. The plate instead of the iron

If you have no desire to turn the iron to a poor single fold of your t-shirt, you can use the straightener.

The important thing is that the heat is proportionate to the type of fabric you are going to iron.

If it comes to light fabrics, heat or too much, while if it is heavier fabrics can raise grades.

23. Coffee grounds against cellulite

Mixes a couple of hot coffee grounds along with a tablespoon of olive oil.

Apply the mixture directly on the legs and buttocks and wrap everything with the film (better without PVC).

Leave it on for at least a quarter of an hour, then remove everything and rinse with warm water.