How to Make Nails Stronger Naturally

Sall tips for the fabulous hands.

“Remove your hands from the mouth” one of the phrases with which I grew up. But there was nothing to do, it was an automatic gesture that I could not control. The thing is accentuated when I was very nervous, the methods of the grandmother did not work (red pepper on your hands? I did) so for 23 years or so I ate nails so very proud, a bit ‘like cigarettes, I did not want to stop everything here.

But then, mature and understand that a woman’s hands are really important, a manicured hand is nice, and let’s not lie, the men notice these things !! Mother Nature has given me some good hands, my hands are chubby and short, just like those of a child but with bitten nails was really a disaster!!!

What have I done? First of all, as in all things, the will power is the host, if you do not want to stop there not be able EVER! So after a bit of biofeedback I made ​​the decision, do I grow my nails.
Dispelling a myth: the reconstruction gel does not help you grow your nails, but that the only damage! The nail for power accogliare gel or tip in case of short super nail does need to be buffered (smooth) and this’ makes only our most ‘weak nails (NB I speak only of the nails already particularly damaged) then rebuild for the abolished time.

First of all I procured an anti-biting (gnawing anti) I tried it only one and I would recommend it: that of Kiko one bitter-tasting nail hardener that in a few days improves your nails. Apply it every day until you can to control the instinct to bring his hands to his mouth.

Treat yourself for the first time in your life a manicure the beautician in order to clean your nails from unsightly hangnails, or have fun and fatevelo for themselves: a bowl of boiling water with olive oil and a few drops of lemon (hardening and whitening natural) do soften the cuticles and remove them. the cream for hands and nails will become your best friend!

The night before going to sleep cured your nails! Massaggiatele with a bit of shea butter enriched with olive oil and lemon, an ointment that pamper your nails all night.  Do not eat even the cuticle that is nail biting!

Resist the urge to immediately put the polish, proceed with the steps indicated on for 1/2 months, your nails have been abused for years now they just need to relax.

Put a nice picture of a manicure that you like so much in the background of your PC / Phone, it will be an excellent encouragement.

Like I said it just takes a bit ‘of willpower to have beautiful nails.