How to Moisturize Curly Hair

Maintain a healthy hair and a perfect curls sometimes is a little complicated, but in reality it’s always keep you hydrated. One of the features of curly hair is, without a doubt, their tendency to stay dry, so it is important to incorporate new beauty techniques and maintenance in our daily care.

If you think your hair is indomitable and can’t find a way to always leave beautiful, please note the following article. Today we will explain to you the secrets to learn how to moisturize curly hair. Choose the appropriate product and use the home remedies to strengthen and give life to your hair. Take note!


  1. To maintain a correct hydration for the curly hair is essential to use a good cream without rinsing. This will help the cosmetic repair damaged hair and, at the same time, maintain a daily and continuous hydration. How to apply the cream? It’s simple:
    • Apply on the hair, even without having previously washed, if you want to achieve greater hydration.
    • Place on your head a shower cap and allow the cream to act for 20 or 30 minutes, approximately.

It is important to get a good cream that, preferably, is specific for curly hair. If your hair is very dry, it is advisable to carry out this treatment twice a week; otherwise, once a week or every 15 days, it will be enough to maintain hydration of your hair.

  1. There are other types of moisturizers, in addition to the cream, which can help give your life daily to your hair. A good remedy is the coconut milk, which will return the softness to your hair and can be used every day without risk of damage. But remember, it is preferable to use small amounts of this moisturizer, otherwise could leave you oily and heavy, without volume.
  2. Another technique that will help keep your curly hair is hydrated using the method known as “drop”. This is to apply a moisturizer (be it a natural or cream cosmetic industrial) and cover with a shower cap overnight. But remember, the hair should be loose, no ponytails or buns for arrest. The next day, your hair will be hydrated. Try it!
  1. Continuing in the same vein, it is important to know that a good trick to keep your curls from lack of moisture is capping the night, thus, will protect your hair from pillowcases or pillows that only dry. Can hold with a rubber band or braids, whichever is more comfortable for you, and cover with a plastic shower CAP or a scarf; be able to keep you hydrated during all night and your curls will be more vigorous in the morning.
  2. If you want to get an instant hydrating effect try essential oils because they are an excellent option to moisturize curly hair. One of the most used is the argan oil is fundamental in the world of cosmetics thanks to its soothing, moisturizing and regenerative properties. In addition, you can find it with several scents (rose hips, lavender, vanilla …). Keep your hair hydrated and with a wonderful smell.
  1. To avoid dry effect and improve the appearance of your curly hair we recommend that you use a anti frizz serum. With this cosmetic product get your curls stay much more defined and at the same time give them the moisture for all day. Be beautiful and perfectly combed.
  2. Finally, remember that before buying their products for the hair, you should make sure that they are suitable for curly hair. Enjoy also our article with the 7 best products for curly hair. It’s the only way to get your locks stay properly hydrated and healthy to be more beautiful than ever. Try it!