How to Perfect Eyeshadow Application

For a truly unforgettable sight, the shaded eye shadow is ideal. Learn to blend the eyeshadow in a few steps!

A make-up effect is often leverage on ‘shadow: with its colors and its nuances is capable of enhancing the look and make it magnetizing, like a lipstick makes her lips.

Among the most beautiful effects is the ‘ gradient effect, which can be done with any color, as long as is comfortable with our eyes and our skin .

To be carried out may seem too simple, but that really only needs a little ‘training and especially to a precise procedure.

Let’s see what:

1. A good base

First, the eye must be prepared: then spread over the entire eyelid, mobile, and fixed, a powder eyeshadow in a neutral color or otherwise unclear.

The ideal colors are beige, ivory, pink flesh.

The base will ensure that the application of the successive eye shadow is more simple.

2. The pencil

Proceed putting the pencil, which must be neither too hard nor too soft.

The pencil will be useful to fix the color eyeshadow.

The pencil should be applied, at the base of the eyelashes, from the outside inward, while pulling the eye towards the outside.

If the eyes are very close together, starting from the center of the iris to draw the line.

In any case, the line must be thin.

3. The eyeshadows

With a wide tip brush, apply the ‘more light eyeshadow, proceeding from the inside to the outside.

Then, by pulling the eyelid to the outside, put the ‘ darker eyeshadow, from the outside towards the inside, to avoid soiling the temple, stopping mid eyelid.

In this phase, use a thin flat tip brush, more precise.

4. Deglaze

At this stage the light eye shadow and the dark one must merge.

With the brush with the light eyeshadow move from inside to outside and then with the dark eyeshadow from the outside towards the inside, with the crescent movements.

Then remember to apply some ‘dark eye shadow in the hollow of the eyelid, to make more intense make-up, and touch up the pencil that was previously applied.

If you want an even more impact effect, take a thin-tipped brush and spread the eye shadow in the outer corners, to stretch the eye.