How to Prevent the Bags in the Eye

The eyes are the first areas in our face to reflect the passage of the years, so it is important to take care of them to delay the aging of the face effectively. And if there’s one factor that becomes important to prevent are the bags in the eye, they age in large part the look, being antiestéticas and creating a face looking tired.

Many women suffer from your presence, even at a young age, this mainly due to hereditary factors. Although there are surgical alternatives to correct this problem, understand its causes and put in place some measures to avoid them is without doubt the best way to delay its onset. So, in this article of a explain to you how to prevent the bags in the eye and guarantee a fresh look for longer.


  1. Before addressing the tips to prevent the bags in the eye, it becomes important to understand why they are formed. The causes of the bags in the eye are diverse, but are mainly related with the aging process.

From the 30 years our skin reduces the production of elastin and collagen, which are essential for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, giving rise to early wrinkles and expression lines. The skin begins to become more flaccid and one of the first zones that highlights these changes is the eye contour, the ligaments that are under the same and that hold the fatty tissue around the eye contour area weakened, allowing the tissue to fall and the bags become gifts.

However, this doesn’t happen with all over the world to the same extent, and there are women with purses much more pronounced than others. This is due to the fact that in this case interfere other factors such as:

  • The inheritance, people are more prone to the formation of pockets than others.
  • A circulatory system slow or prone to fluid retention are two of the causes of the bags in the eye. Present upon awakening, and are the reason why many women wake up with puffy eyes.
  • Not rest properly is also a common reason for which this problem grows. It is important to give the body the rest it needs with restful sleep.
  • People who smoke and consume caffeinated drinks to excess, have a higher tendency to present this condition.
  • Likewise, other respiratory problems such assinusitis, rhinitis or allergies can foster the presence of handbags, hindering the proper rest and making the same observable.
  1. To prevent the bags in the eyes is essential following a diet in which control much the consumption of salt, condiments, snacks, soups and prepared food bag, with a large amount of sodium increases fluid retention. It is recommended to also avoid soft drinks, beverages with caffeine, refined white flours and sugar because these ingredients also increase the propensity of our body to store liquid.

In addition, it is important to ingest at least 2 liters of water a day, consuming food diuretics and high in antioxidants as fruits and vegetables, and reducing the amount of salt in food. These measures will benefit our body, helping to make us feel less swollen and reducing the possibility of presenting scholarships early in the eye.

  1. The circulatory problems can become also a condition that affects our skin, favouring thepresence of varicose veins and the development of stock markets. So a good way to prevent the bags in the eye is carrying out frequent physical exercise, which will promote the blood circulation, heart health and also the appearance of the skin by fighting the fluid retention.
  2. If you don’t want purses do you look take a look tired, so dedicate adequate time to rest. Sleep the hours that our body needs is fundamental to count on a fresh look and awake, but you might also want to do it with your head slightly elevated, in this way we prevent the fluid from accumulating under the eyes, causing us to wake up with them inflamed and looking tired.

This simple trick will make the difference and you can notice its effects right away.

  1. When it comes toavoid wrinkles in the eye contour and prevent the bags in the eyes, moisturizing creams and anti-ageing for this area are fundamental. Are not important only because they contribute to the wetting this delicate area, also offering anti-aging substances such as retinol or hyaluronic acid, but also a good cream is ideal to make a massage in the area which favors the decongestion.

For this it is necessary to apply the cream with the ring finger and the lacrimal to the edge of the eye, give gentle taps right with this finger tip around the outline. This will improve circulation and will allow draining the liquid accumulated in the area, causing the eyes look refreshed. It is recommended to rub a minute each eye and do it both in the mornings and nights.

  1. These preventive measures will help you achieve a look more awake and beautiful. However, there are always days where the bags are more present, for these moments nothing better to opt for natural cosmetics and make our eyes look much cooler; to achieve this we invite you to read our article home remedies to eliminate bags in the eye, the ideal solution to improve our appearance.

And of course the makeup is also our great companion, so it is important to learn to treat this area to hide these defects to the fullest. In the article how to hide the bags the eyes with makeup we explain to you the correct way to do it.

In severe cases in which this problem is very present, cosmetic surgery to eliminate the bags is a good option. However, remember that the same should be done by a professional at a clinic authorized to ensure the maximum safety.