How to Properly Apply Eyeliner

Smudge eyeliner, goodbye! Rows from preposterous forms, to never see you! This explains in a few easy steps how to put on eye makeup properly.

How to Properly Apply Eyeliner

Oh, l’eyeliner!

That black line can enhance the eye, to stretch it and make it magnetizing!

It is a classic trick, much used in the past; You think that some say that one of the first women to use it was Cleopatra.

A woman with eyeliner line on the eyes is fascinating, sensual and reminiscent ‘of the divas of the past, with the side upturned commas.

It may seem like the easiest thing to do, draw that line, but the eyeliner hides a thousand pitfalls that can hit the inexperienced hand.

Tremors, inaccuracies and odd shapes are likely to ruin our makeup, creating lines too thin, too thick, distorted and even zig zag.

Without count the difficulty to make up the two eyes in the same way: a comma tends upwards, the other downwards, a line is gigantic, the atra almost imperceptible.

But there are solutions: just a little ‘patience and in this article you will find them all.

1. Eye Shape

The eyeliner is a trick that can be comfortable at all, but for valorizzarci really need to know which row is better with the shape of our eyes.

If your eyes are small, the eyeliner is able to zoom in, provided that his line does not start from the tear duct, but by a third or half of the eye, where it needs to be thin.

The line will then get bigger as we approach us out of the eye, which will end with an upward or elongated quote.

With big eyes you can feel a lot more free: the line can wrap around the eye, or only half, or just above or just below, but there are exceptions.

If the eyes are in the ball, avoid totally contornali, both above and below, with the eyeliner, because the result is to accentuate the roundness.

A similar argument applies to the round eyes and slightly downwards, where the eyeliner should be applied only in the lower inner rim of the eye and lengthening sought through an interplay of light and dark with the eyeshadow.

If your eyes are large, elongated, you can totally contornarli with the eyeliner, but avoid drawing commas too long or inclined, why not it is needed.

2. Types of eyeliner

Choose the eyeliner that suits us and we like it is crucial to make the moment of simple and effective trick.

To figure out which eyeliner is best for us, we must know what we want to make and above all be aware of our manual skills and experience.

L ‘eyeliner is classic liquid with brush tip, not recommended for beginners because it is difficult to control, especially if you want to draw a fine line.

Being liquid, in case of error it is easy to fix, because it takes a while to dry eye.

Then there is the ‘eyeliner pen, which is characterized by having a very precise line.

It is suitable for women who have a lot of dexterity and has the advantage of being sold in different thicknesses, so just choose what they most desire.

It has the disadvantage of quickly drying out.

Another option is the ‘liquid eyeliner with the tip Velcro, which is the evolution of the pen and allows a greater control.

It has the defect that needs a light touch, otherwise the color will be uneven.

L ‘ eyeliner gel involves the use of a brush, but it allows you to have a line from the homogenous color and precise line; Furthermore there is always the opportunity to correct the error before it dries.

The only limitation lies in the brush, for which it takes a little ‘practice.

The last option is the eyeliner pencil, which is easy to handle and ideal for those who do not want the final quotation mark.

The pencil is not very intense, but if an error occurs just blend it.

In case of despair, they exist on the market of eyeliner stickers from the most different forms that apply with the aid of a forceps.

3. Base

The base is always a key element in the make-up, because it allows him to take more time and be more consistent.

Before applying the eyeliner it is advisable to apply a layer of powder or a natural eye shadow: both allow all’eyeliner to adhere better to the skin.

Do not overdo the powder or eye shadow, otherwise you will get a mixed effect.

4. Positions

First, the mirror must be very close to our eyes.

We can get as close as possible to one wall mirror or use a table mirror.

Second, we need to hold your hand as steady as possible; so we have to look for support to the elbow.

In the third measure, when we apply the eyeliner eyelids should be narrowed.

This position is essential, just that sometimes we struggle to maintain it and the risks of making a mistake increases.

But never fear: you simply hold the chin well up when you are in front of the mirror and our eyelids will take the suitable location of course.

The last tip is to not pull the eye to the outside, because the line would get an unnatural shape.

5. Guidelines

Once we understand the shape of our eyes, we chose the eyeliner and we positioned correctly in front of the mirror, it is finally time to create our line.

We see two different ways.

In the first it creates a silhouette contour which will then filled in with color.

First, the outer corner should be drawn to decide which points the end-point.

It is a task that must be done on both eyes and trying to maintain the same angle.

Then the stretch should be brought to the inside, always maintaining the same pressure to avoid corrugations in the row.

The line, as they approached you to where you want to end it, must dwindle.

When finished, filled with small stretches the space that is created between the eyelashes and the line.

In the latter it shall apply in hatches.

Traced just above the lashes a dotted line: in this case, if you get the urge to close the eye, you will not smudge problems or broken lines.

Then add the hatches from the inside towards the outside and draw the point.

6. Scotch

The issue external comma can be a real tragedy, because you lose the guidance of the lid ajar.

But there is a solution: a piece of scotch!

Take a piece of masking tape and appiccicatelo on the skin under the eye, on the diagonal, so that tends upward and outward.

Then design your point without fear of drooling: all the excess color will settle on scotch and your point will be perfect!

7. Spoon

Always to be able to draw a nice point, you can take a coffee spoon and use it like a ruler.

Put the handle under the eye, so that one end protrudes outwards and use it as a line to follow to track the lower profile of the comma.

Then turn the spoon and, holding it by the handle, position it just above the line drawn, with the projecting part facing outwards.

Complete the comma, following with the eyeliner the spoon curve.

Finally fill in the outline and you’re done!

8. Effects

The eyeliner classic line can be combined with different effects and variations.

For example you can use a colored eyeliner instead of the usual black.

Or above the black line you can draw another thin with a glitter eyeliner.

With the aid of a sheet of paper cut with odd shapes you can create an equally strange and appealing line, placing it over the eye when stendente the eyeliner.

And then you can match your eyeshadow as eyeliner for longer inspires you.

The options are many and once you become experienced you can choose what you like best!