How to Protect Lips in Winter

With the bitter cold it is necessary to protect the most sensitive parts of our body: hands and lips. Find out with us the cheapest products and cheaper alternatives for the most demanding skins.

Those who are living are the coldest days of the year. At most affected, in addition to ‘mood, for sure our skin. Cuddle with adequate treatment is not always easy to find the right product. The alternatives are all right: from the cheapest to the most expensive creams, for the most demanding skins.

Obviously the most affected parts are also the most exposed to the elements ie hands and lips, let us see how to cure them and make sure that the red and dry skin remains just a memory.

To moisturize your hands you need to use a cream with a rich texture but which also absorbs quickly. So it should not anoint or contain excessive slack so as to give the impression of nourishing the skin whereas, in the case of chemical ingredients, tends to dry them with prolonged use. That’s why it is not advisable to use the classic Nivea or Leocrema although, on the latter, there is an exception.

  • Economic alternative: Leocrema Protective Cream is a cream barrier  that contains chamomile and glycerin, absolutely natural substances that not only moisturize and protect but also soothe the redness that, with the cold, are garantiti.Questa Leocrema is much healthier, in terms of ingredients, compared to the classical and the price is a little more than 1 euro and 20.
  • Expensive alternative: Xerand Lipikar Hand Cream is a restorative cream designed for those who already tend to dry the skin, so delicate and responsive throughout the year and need more targeted care in this periodo.Non only nourishes the skin but repairs anche.Ovviamente is sold in pharmacies at a price of EUR 7 and 20.

The hydration of the lips is often linked to the use of the simple to the supermarket lip balm but often does little in comparison to products that can be found in perfumeries and pharmacies. The mouth is even more subject to weather and the hands, when it is dry and cracked , it takes little to make the situation worse, even the simple saliva may still bother you more.Also in this case requires targeted products, designed specifically for the lips, and that reparations deep into the skin.

  • Economic alternative: Lip Stick with Sweet Almond Oil Provencal is a lip balm from natural ingredients that, in addition to containing the ‘sweet almond oil emollient functions, it is also enriched with aloe vera that manages to soothe the typical itchy dry skin, the price is about 2 euro.
  • Expensive alternative: Lip Balm Clarins Repairer repairs the lips from cracking and also eliminates fine lines to which the lips are soggette.E ‘the essential wax pink and promises to make things even more beautiful lips, after they have been repaired and soothed, to price of 13 euro.