How to Remove False Eyelashes

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to remove eyelashes correctly without damaging the attachment

The makeup was flawless, the false eyelashes remained intact throughout the party, but it was time to remove everything from the face to sleep with clean and healthy skin.Even after a few minutes of your sleep, you need to take extra time to remove your false eyelashes.

When it comes to highlighting false eyelashes, some women do not know what to do.Some end up pulling the false eyelashes incorrectly, which can hurt the upper eyelid, tear off the actual eyelashes or even damage the accessory.

If properly cleaned and stored correctly, the false eyelashes can be reused to give that special touch to the makeup and enhance the look.Other care needed is to know the proper way to remove them from the eyes after use.

If you still have difficulties and can not handle the accessory very well, know that a little training is enough so that the task of inserting and removing false eyelashes becomes something easy and fast.The following is a step-by-step guide on how to remove eyelashes.It is worth checking and putting the tips into practice.

The products that will help you in this mission:

  • Liquid make-up remover for eyes
  • Swabs
  • Small container
  • Cotton
  • Tweezers
  • Tissue

And now, how to remove the false eyelashes?

Step 1:Soak the swab in the make-up remover and then apply over the false eyelashes still glued.Make gentle movements so you do not hurt your eyes in the “come and go” direction, right in the region where the attachment is glued.

Let the product act for a few minutes in the eyes so that the false eyelashes are removed more easily.Are your eyes already spotted and the mascara, pencil and eyeliner coming out on the cotton swab?No problem, replace with a clean swab and repeat step 1 again.

Step 2: After a few minutes with your fingertips, start by removing the false eyelashes from the outer edge of the eyes. According to sourcemakeup, if you think your eyelashes are still firm and will not come off easily, repeat the above procedure by applying the make-up remover to soften the glue used to attach the false eyelashes.

Step 3:Eyelashes are finally out!But a lot of calm at this time, because you still need to clean them before you save.In a small container, put on a little makeup remover and soak your eyelashes for a few minutes, this helps to remove any remaining makeup residue on the accessory.

Step 4:Remove the false eyelashes from the container and, holding the wires gently with your fingers, remove the excesses from the glue that has been attached.Now, to make the eyelashes completely clean, simply remove the rest of the makeup remover with the help of a piece of cotton, but be careful not to break the eyelashes.

Step 5:Leave the eyelashes dry on a tissue in an airy place and then dry, just store them in the packaging and ready!

Easy, is not it?Now that you know the correct way to put and remove eyelashes, you can use them whenever you want and keep them for a long time.