How to Take Advantage of the Makeup to Enhance Your Look

With so much to offer, drop shadows, eyeliners and eyelashes masks brokers, it becomes easy to lose focus. To make things clearer, learn how to make your eyes stand out.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul but not always reflect the inner beauty of women. The first gesture to the valuing is simple but fundamental. When applying the cream, use the ring finger, which has a touch softer than the others, giving light taps to stimulate local circulation. In addition to inspiring the 16 ideas for dark skin makeup that make furor on Pinterest, can also appeal to many already consider a true magic product.

Is one of the secrets of make-up people backstage at the shows and it’s called Blue Drops Opticalm. The mixture of distilled water (loios-of-gardens, melilot, elderberry, Chamomile and hamamelis) soothes and hydrates the cornea, while astringent effect on the blood vessels of the eye. Also, Blue Drops Opticalm relaxes the eye tired and has an antibacterial and antioxidant action.

Yoga for the eyes

The palming is the cornerstone of the yoga of the eyes. Cover your eyes forming a shell with the palms, obstructing completely the vision. You can’t play with your hands in the eyes. Rest your elbows on a table. Remain in this position for a few minutes and stay in complete darkness more than once a day, have positive thoughts and moving, to avoid fixing the look on nothing. It is recommended that you name each of the eyes, to avoid thinking systematically in pairs.

The correct usage of the broker

Apply very broker in an attempt to camouflage 100% tone of dark circles may not be a good idea, because it threatens to change the dark spots by wrinkles. If you can reduce by at least 50% the dark tone of dark circles, it will be enough to give the face a lighter aspect.

How to create an effect of optical illusion in four steps:

1st step

Unlike expected, always start by applying the mask of eyelashes. Creates an immediate contrast and sets the rest of the look.

2 step

Use a pencil to fill in the tabs, starting with the outer corner, as it is the area that needs greater definition.

3rd step

Trace the bottom line of the eyelashes with a beige pencil and the top line with a blue pencil. Be careful because you must do a trace fino, to create the illusion that the white area of the eyes is more clear and bright.

4 step

Apply a neutral shadow in the center of the eyelid. It’s like a light of light in the eye area.