How to Take Care of Hands and Nails

How to obtain more and manicure and hands impeccabili. Ecco a complete tutorial, step by step.

Hands are an important part of our body … talk about us, the care and attention we devote to ourselves. A manicured hand with healthy and beautiful nails transmits an image of us as elegant and tidy.

For this reason it is important that they are always well groomed. To avoid resorting too often the beautician you have some small tricks that help it-yourself to have beautiful hands and cared for without much effort.

To have a perfect manicure do-it-yourself must:

Step 1-2

First we have to leave your hands to soak for five minutes in a basin containing warm water and baking soda. The hot water softens the skin while the baking soda cleans by removing bacteria.

After thoroughly drying hands with a towel you have to take care of the cuticles, unsightly and annoying. To remove them simply push them back, gently, to the fingers using an orange stick.

Step 2-3

If you do not have an orange stick can also use a toothpick to skewers, which have beveled tip with a nail file. Pushes cuticles can now remove those too prominent with wire cutters.

Removed the cuticles it’s time to polish your nails and give them the shape you like or which adapts to the shape of your hand. Operate the file gently always using first the rougher grain, to shorten the length of ‘fingernail, and then the finer-grained to finish the edge.

Step 4-5

If you have long slender fingers or you can file my nails giving it a square shape; on the contrary, if you have shorter fingers, it is better to file my nails so they are ovals (the hand in this way armonizzerete and it will seem that you will have longer fingers.

After giving the shape of your choice you have to go to the nail polish, wait for it to dry and rub your hands with a good moisturizer.

Step maintenance

If you want your manicure running longer you have to protect your hands applying moisturizing cream at least once a day , especially in winter, and wear gloves when washing dishes or do the housework.

In addition to soften the cuticles can occasionally frizionarle with extra virgin olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon or with a special oil for cuticles.

You will have hands and sensational nails!!!!!!!