How to Take Care of the False Nails

Every woman dreams of having beautiful nails and perfect, but keep the length can be a complicated task for some. If you’ve always dreamed of having long claws, the nails can be excellent alternatives. Found in numerous versions in the market, this accessory is applied easily, however, some doubts about the pós-colocação care still remain.

How to Take Care of the False Nails

According to Maria Gabriela Ramirez, partner and Director of brand fake nails tips, the most appropriate is that the placement is performed by a specialized professional so that the health of your nails don’t take any danger, teaches.

For those not familiar, the dentures can be made of plastic, porcelain or silicone gel, depending on the purpose and your style. Maria Gabriela also explains that the finish of the nails and combines the use specific gel to finish the application process, leaving them for much longer.

Application of nail care:

Choose the format of the nail obeying the size of your fingernail;
Choose an application and material that matches your lifestyle;
During the placement of the prosthesis on the nail Note If there has been any formation of air between the layers, as this increases the risk of development of fungi and bacteria that can damage the nail;
The technique can be used to correct imperfections and canning the nails;
The maintenance of the nail, manicure, not weekly, but yes, every 15 days;
Finally, the acrylic nails also ensure durability of enamel.