How to Use an Eyelash Curler Properly

For curved eyelashes and doe the eyelash curler is the perfect tool! Before using it, however, it is good to know what are the actions to be avoided to not spoil your lashes.

The eyelash curler is a tool that may use a few, however, can be a great ally for our beauty, especially if we want to have a doe eyes!

If in fact the our eyelashes are straight and slightly bent the eyelash curler can help us and make our products more bewitching eyes.

But as an eyelash curler and how is it done?

An eyelash curler has the shape similar to that of a scissor, but that, instead of the blades, ends with two plates coated by bearings.

It can be in metal or plastic and have different sizes.

You use after you have rigged the eyes ( mascara excluded): you have to raise a finger to smooth the brow and separate the eyelashes; Then you place the curler near the root of the lashes, it is closed and released after 10 seconds.

It repeats the same step by moving the eyelash curler outwards, so as to “treat” the lashes that were not involved the first time and so we proceed for both eyes.

Before you start using it, it is good to remember, however, that there are some mistakes to avoid if you want your eyelash curler is effective and above all that our eyelashes do not get damaged.

1. dirty Eyelashes

Use the eyelash curler on dirty makeup eyelashes is counterproductive, because not only is less effective, but also runs the risk of damaging them.

This applies in particular for mascara: always use the eyelash curler before applying mascara .

In fact it hardens the lashes mascara and if you try to bend you risk breaking them; Furthermore the eyelash curler crumble the mascara, which makes the pieces fall on makeup.

So not only the lashes would be ruined, but also all our make-up !

2. Frequency

The eyelash curler is a tool that should not be used every day, because it puts the lids of stress and over time can break them.

If your eyelashes are ruined, put aside the eyelash curler for a while ‘and take care of your lashes with a little’ of castor oil.

Routes eyelashes nobody likes!

 3. Maintenance of the eyelash curler

Take care of the instruments we use to makeup on it should be a daily routine: a dirty instrument or ruined not only be ineffective, but also dangerous.

For example, the eyelash curler dirt can pass some infection.

To clean it we can use an oil-based cleanser: it should be a process that is done regularly, without waiting for the eyelash curler take a look unpresentable.

Remember: health first!

In addition we must also pay attention to the eraser of the eyelash curler: if it is damaged or missing eyelashes might split.

4. Position and heat

The eyelash curler is undoubtedly one looking unique instrument and some doubt about how you have to approach it to the face is more than legitimate.

In order not to be mistaken, the flat metal part must support it to the eyelid, to make the eyelashes from the bottom and incurvarle upwards.

If the metal part is instead kept parallel to the face, the eyelashes are folded down, making the use of the eyelash curler ineffective.

The eyelash curler on heating works best: you can just warm up with a hair dryer before using it, but be careful to do so only occasionally to avoid burning your lashes!