How to Use the Black Mask for Blackheads

Have a beautiful skin is one of the objectives of any woman. There is no point in you hair movie-star rum, eyebrow arranged and fantastic clothes if their skin is a disaster. Directly from Japan, arrives in Brazil the ultimate facial cleansing: the black mask. This successful cosmetic promises to wipe out the blackheads with acne and skin blemishes. In addition, the product has healing, moisturizing and firming action, giving a skin resurfacing. If you like to experience the beauty news and looking for impeccable results for your skin, bet on that mask that is delighting women all over the world. To learn how to use the black mask for blackheads, continue reading this article from a. A hit!


  1. To use the black mask for blackheads and benefit from all its properties, choose a good product. Can find it in specialized sites of dermacosmetics imported to a very affordable price. The cosmetic is sold in sachets or in large packs for various applications.

The texture of the product is plastic, being removed at once, and it takes about half an hour to act. In addition to cleaning, cosmetic provides a “lift” effect visible in time, being highly praised in the Asian market. The active ingredient of black mask is activated charcoal, which contains detoxification and cleansing properties recognised scientifically.

Some people suggest that it removes hairs as well, but without the pain of waxing.

Continue reading to find out how to use!

  1. Start by washing the whole face with a soap suitable for your skin type. For the process to be effective, the mask should stick to the skin clean. Dry the skin with a clean soft towel.
  1. Open your pores with steam or a warm towel. Thus, the mask will penetrate deeper and be more effective in cleaning all the impurities of your face.
  2. Get some mask with your fingers and spread all over the face, avoiding the area around the eyes, eyebrows, scalp and mouth. This step is very important to prevent the skin to become sensitized in time to remove the mask!

Tip: Keep your mouth closed during application because the mask will pull back enough the skin.

  1. Leave the mask to act for 20 or 30 minutes. This is the perfect time to scare her boyfriend, husband or the pizza delivery guy!
  2. When the mask dries your skin and pull back, start removing the mask from the bottom up. At this stage, the mask must have lost the lustre glazed, getting pretty opaque. A hand should hold the face, while the other pulls the mask. Start at the chin, move on to the cheeks and, finally, the T zone. If product remains on your face, you can remove them by using warm water.

Note: Remove the mask very slowly to prevent getting hurt when you take at once.

  1. The mask can be used once every two weeks, and in the area of the nose application may be more frequent, to twice a week. However, each person must certify the results on your skin and determine the ideal frequency to use the black mask.
  1. Recommendations
    • If you are using the product in sachet and are applying the mask only in the nose, each one lasts about 4 applications.To save the mask, use a plastic bag with zipper to avoid contact with air that dries the mask.
    • If you wish, you can moisturize your skin after applying the black mask.
    • You can use the mask before applying makeup, since I use a moisturizer between applications.
    • Do not use black mask if you have bruises, eczema or inflammation in the face.
    • People with sensitive skin should use this mask nose area.