How to Use Your Beauty Blender

This Sponge is one of the accessories of makeup with more success, but you have to know how to use it.

One of the accessories of make-up that does success makes between the ‘ lovers ‘ makeup is the beauty blender sponge. To get the most out of it, follow some tips:

1-Should wet always your beauty blender before use.

The wet sponge is one of the most important. It causes your beauty blender don’t suck the product and leave it on the surface, ready to be applied. Recalling also that she wet leaves the makeup application much easier.

2-do not rub the sponge against your skin, should apply with ‘Pat’.

Rubbing is a very wrong move. He can leave marks on your face or even from the sponge. If der Pat lightly makeup finish is super cute.

3-choose the color of beauty blender with wisdom.

Each sponge has a color, which means a different function. The rose is universal. The black serves for heavier applications as self tanning and darker bases. White also has the function, as your serves to apply products such as serum or moisturizer. Already the Green is perfect for smaller areas and application of broker.

4-when washing, squeeze.

The time to wash the sponge also has its secrets. Basically, it shouldn’t rub the sponge on any surface and Yes tighten gradually while the product will coming out.

5-Keep the packing.

Keeping the packaging, you can keep your sponge after use and it will not be exposed to substances that can contaminate it and no air or light.

6-Avoid toxic products.

The sponge can be used with basically all the make-up. But when it comes to acetone, alcohol or very toxic substances, is not indicated. Much less mixing such substances with the products to put on her face.