How to Wear Makeup on Every Occasion

A make up more natural will be more suitable, more striking or more bizarre? These are the most common questions that we women set ourselves when we have to leave. Yes, because every occasion requires a different makeup for a glamorous look and appropriate to the context in which you find yourself. 

An intense black smokey make-up is perfect for an exit with her ​​friends, but it is to be avoided for a job interview or a formal event. Knowing how to choose the right makeup for every occasion is definitely very useful to give a good impression of themselves. Let’s see what trick choose depending commitment that awaits you in order to have the look of a ten out of ten.

How to trick me for a job interview?

If what is at stake is the future career, since the first impression is the one that counts, you need to take account of the slogans that are simplicity, customization and order.

So forget the smoky eyes, as well as dark and flaming lips, nails, better a trick that you can not see, a make-up water and soap always winning, but do be careful not to overdo it with the naked soft there is the risk of sounding “scruffy”.

So yes a foundation tone on tone, light blush, lip balm or lightly colored lipstick that brings out the smile, important during a job interview, an eye shadow on the light tones as a powder pink or beige, a black mascara touch to enhance the look and care even to the eyebrows as country makeup described by

How to trick me leisure?

A simple trick but style which is fine on occasions like a breakfast for the girls, a cocktail, in short, to spend their free time at will.

It will need a long-held foundation, especially if you need to get around town and do not have time for touch-ups, roll out the powder with a brush that should not be brillantinata, but opaque, for a more natural effect. To enhance the look, especially for those with light eyes, apply a black pencil on the upper eyelid blending it with a eye shadow always of gray or brown dark tones.

Complemented with the application of a volumizing mascara water-proof, a rosy blush and a nude effect lipstick.

How to trick me for an important event?

September as May and June is the month of weddings or any other event or important ceremony to attend if you have even received your invitation, you’ll surely find the perfect gown and make-up just right for the occasion.

Forget smokey dark and bright red lipstick, especially if the ceremony is the day, the ideal is to opt for a bright and sophisticated make-up that will allow you to appear in great shape. Make skin tone and bright, applying a new generation foundation with impalpable formula and then proceed by heating the face with a blush peach, coral or bronze.

The look has to be stressed in chic and sensual way, so yes to neutral tones, you can bet on hazel, dove-gray and taupe if you have a cool undertone and bronze, peach and gold if you have a Mediterranean complexion. For the lips I recommend you focus on a raspberry lip gloss.

As I make on the first date?

The first appointment determines the success of all the others, a bit ‘like the kiss: is partly true, because if it goes badly, very unlikely, another will!

Men look at your eyes, so you’ll definitely put in prominence with the right makeup, then equip yourself with eye shadow on light colors, preferably with bare effect, humans like water and soap woman. Avoid too much cover the face, truccatevi in ​​medium size, without exaggeration, a touch of blush and a lipstick or a shiny lip gloss are the ideal solution to illuminate the face.

How to make me a party night?

An exit with friends, a fun party or a night at the club allow you to have fun with a lot of outfits and make-up, because the evening make-up knows no rules and allows you to experience the latest trends.

Made a bright make-up base glossy effect and then choose whether to bet everything on hyper seductive lips or on a bewitching look. In the first case apply a red lipstick effect paint and completed the look emphasizing the eye with a mascara drama effect. If you prefer to have a sexy look in the foreground, play with metallic tones and textures gloss effect to create smokey intense and multifaceted that give an appearance irresistible glam-rock.

How to trick me to go to college?

Being a makeup day, the makeup to go to college will be very simple to implement, but especially also fast to be recreated when it is late in the morning.

A make up naked, but slightly more lively, you can achieve by applying different eye shadow on the light and dark tones to blend over the entire eyelid with the help of a flat brush. Games for applying a beige and after a darker color, then brown eyeshadow. Pour the two colors well, trying to prevent the brown remains too intense, otherwise the trick will be excessive.

With a blue pencil for eyes, draw a very thin line at the base of the lashes and then sfumatela lightly on the eyelid. Apply the pencil also the basis of the lower lashes and blend here too lightly to cover each space between the lashes. Finally, apply your mascara curling and you’re done.

How to make me go to the gym?

Those of you who never put his nose out of the house without a trace of makeup? We women love to look flawless in every situation, even when we have to go to the gym to sweat and dispose of accumulated calories.

Always carry a mascara and a lip gloss, as a base a light foundation, but no blush, during training is very important to keep hydrated the face using a very delicate product and water-rich, you could also avoid the foundation and let it breathe the skin and replace the usual moisturizing lotion with a face cream just colored to show a natural look suitable to the circumstances. Nothing eyeshadows, eyeliner or pencil, yes, however, the eye shadows in neutral cream to brighten the look.