Hypoallergenic Nail Polish

New collection for those who do not get along with preservatives of traditional formulas. Yay!

Are you a fan of colorful nails, but are allergic to components of the formula of most common jars? The Alergoshop, store specializing in hypoallergenic products, throws the vintage car collection, with 10 different colors, inspired by cars of the years 1950 and 1960 and the charming pin-up ‘ s.

The colors are: Simca (dark pink), Galaxie (pink bubble gum), Cadillac (tomato red), Taunus (lilac), Romi-Iseta (baby pink), Lincoln (coral), Brasinca Uirapuru (Pink), Willys (nude), Belair (pastel green) and Falcon (pastel blue).

The glazes are hypoallergenic, have a formulation free of the main preservatives that can cause allergies and assaulting as toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and parabens.

VIDEO: ACRIGEL NAILS, beautiful, practical and another solution for allergy sufferers.

The full line, Eclat, also has a base for weak nails, silk base, extrabrilho, stiffener, Restorer and drying oil. All without paraben, fornaldeído, dibutilflato and toluene.

The products can be purchased in stores Alergoshop, representatives across the country or through the network Web site.