Keeping Cosmetics in The Fridge

Moisture and heat are enemies aggressive cosmetics, why should not kept in the bathroom. Some should store them in the fridge! Let’s see what…

Keeping Cosmetics in The Fridge

Our favorite lipstick, creams body that we love, that perfect mascara on our eyelashes…

There are cosmetics that they become inseparable friends. But improper storage could ruin them.

The solution? Put them in the fridge!

We are all looking for cosmetics on sale for our summer evenings. We buy lipstick, bb cream, colored eye shadow, perfume, mascara, nail, moisturizers.

Home at last, we put everything on the bathroom shelves, enthusiastic, trying not to think that (is also a time) we have spent more than they should!

Days go by and our purchases are always there. But with the passage of time lipsticks appear to change color, they raggrumano glazes and creams do not have much effect.


The answer is simple: the cosmetics terribly suffering from the heat and humidity, so the bathroom, as opposed to what you think, is the least appropriate place where to keep them.

Some products, therefore, should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from light and dust. And those we care more, those who worship and for which we have spent more than they should believe that it was worth it, should have a special place to stay.

So take away a bit ‘of stuff from the fridge (who has not expired products?) And a shelf dedicated only to your loved cosmetics.
Here what should be absolutely kept in the fridge.

1. The cream for burns and itches

Did you know that the skin can not feel cold and itching at the same time?

That is why the anti-itch creams and anti-sunburn should stay in the fridge.

Applying them to the skin not only help you heal, but it will relieve the pain due to their freshness!

2. The favorite nail polish

We are looking for a long time the perfect color for our nails.

Finally we find it and buy.

But after a few months, the enamel is full of lumps and its color is not at all what I had in the beginning.

The moisture and heat cause the loss of gloss and the formation of lumps for the enamel. Storing it in the fridge, it will always be shiny and smooth even if you use a few times.

3. The smell

The guru of Chandler Burr fragrances stated that the proper conservation of a perfume are worth the same wine rules.

The light, heat and humidity are likely to destroy even the best perfumes, this should never be kept in the bathroom.

The best place, supports Burr, is definitely the refrigerator.

4. That lipstick that makes you feel beautiful

The lipsticks that we use every day can not be put in the fridge.

But those details, which are worn only on certain occasions, I keep them in the fridge.

By so doing they remain bright and dry, without becoming soft and dull.

5. Liquids tricks that are to remain liquid

For “liquid” means products such as mascara, eyeliner and foundation cream.

Fresh allow that will not dry out and they last much longer, reducing the risk of occurrence of bacteria, keeping also good in a long time as cosmetics defined by DIGOPAUL.

6. for eye cream after a stupid evening

Why are there the “bags under the eyes”? The causes are many: stress, allergies, lack of rest, poor circulation, poor nutrition.

If you ate the night before heavy, it is possible that the next day will appear dark circles.

Just a cream for the eye contour fresh from the fridge and the only bags that you will be in the dressing room! The cold, in fact, will narrow the blood vessels reducing the swelling.

7. Natural cosmetics

They cost but are really good and they do very well to the skin.

If stored improperly, however, give poor results and you will have wasted money and dreams of glory.

Containing no preservatives, parabens or sulfates, natural products tend to expire in a short time.

In the refrigerator they will last longer and maintain better all their beneficial properties.

8. The eye and lip pencils that never give up

If no outline properly, eye pencils and the lip do not need to practically nothing! They must remain compact to get fine lines with no mess! When stored in a cool place such as the fridge, your girlfriends will remain affected by your eyes and lips perfectly outlined with perfect contours. Put these products in the fridge: the panda eyes and lips clown will be just a distant memory!

9. Something else, not to buy a cake

Put in the fridge as some other cosmetic moisturizing creams, after-sun lotions, face creams, only to fill it completely.

So, when you go to the supermarket and you will find yourself in front of a delicious fresh cake with white chocolate, you’ll think “oh, I did not place in the fridge.”

Having cosmetics in the fridge is also useful for the line!