Know What Are the Lipsticks of the Characters

If you have a novel of the Globe that is giving something to talk about is the remake of “the Rebu”–both for your story in a single party merging the flashbacks of the lives of the characters as by your wonderful costumes. All the characters are well marked, but without doubt the Duda experienced by Sophie Charlotte is the one that stands out.

For your characterization was accurate to think too much in terms of hair and makeup, since the choice of Court little Johnny style until the mouth red to mark the moments of the party. To Marquinhos Padilha, characterized the Rebu, the idea was to rescue the femininity because “lipstick red joined the eyes well marked, well designed. I thought the costume was asking for these highlights”. The chosen for the plot is the famous Ruby Woo of MAC-chosen brand for all lipsticks of the novel, I’m sure it’s sold out in all stores!

Already Betina, character of Laura Neiva, is flamboyant and cell phone addict–speaking of which, the whole novel has flashbacks super “technology”–not out of late nights of São Paulo just fueling the social networks with the events of the city.

You can see the phone leaving the neckline of the dress, including the Cape combines with the Pearl Necklace! With such extravagance and eyes well marked, Betina bet in nude tones like Taupe alternated with the pink of course Please Me-who has appeared in that post for look of the day here on the blog!

Finally, Cássia Kiss gives life to Gilda, right arm of Duda and keeps a marriage of appearances full of lovers. To increase the tone of defiance, the lipstick was the Diva. I must say that this color is wonderful, one of my favorite of the MAC lipsticks for being a Bordeaux well closed and matte finish that is elegant and bold at the same time. Even review here on the blog and well worth taking a look! Surely these four lipsticks will be the hits of the season!

Which lipstick of the Rebu is your favorite?

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