Know Your Skin Type: Normal Skin

When we have a pink, thin, smooth, soft, skin that almost never have pimples and pores are very small, we can speak of a normal skin.

The normal skin It is the least common and desired by all. Its Sebaceous secretion is balanced and therefore is a flexible skin and resistant to climatic changes. It is the most similar to the skin of a baby.

Even if you have normal skin, you must not neglect the daily treatment to follow aesthetically beautiful manteniedola. The cleaning must be carried out 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening.

  • Cleaner: clean the skin with milk for normal/dry or sensitive skin
  • Tonic: a tonic without alcohol for normal/dry skin
  • Moisturizing: a moisturizer for normal/dry skin and in the night, better to use a cream nutritious.

Following these steps of cleaning and skin care will be able to keep it beautiful for a long time. We must not forget that the body suffers from hormonal changes continuously and makes changing the ph of the skin.