Know Your Skin Type: Oily Skin

The oily skin It is identified as being thick and yellowish, presents very dilated pores, acne, Glitters, blackheads and pustules. The Sebaceous secretions they are very abundant, so much that “they asphyxiate” pores. It is most common during adolescence.

Sweat is one of the main of this skin enemies since it causes more fat. They are usually very well resist the climatic changes. Due to the great amount of sebum that has skin, it remains flexible helping to aging late.

For some of the signs do not become more severe, this type of skin needs some basic care in the morning and in the evening.

  • The Cleaner: use a cleaner with gel texture to not contribute more fat to the skin.
  • The tonic: It must be astringent to absorb fat, matificar, dry granite and close the pores. One of the qualities that has tonic, acting by removing dead skins but to a lesser extent than the scrub.
  • The moisturizing: A fluid and oil-free texture is recommended to contribute to skin the water it needs and without grease.

Just a day with skin uncleaned appear shines, the pimples, blackheads,…