Lady Gaga to Launch a Perfume with His Own Blood and Semen Extract

Lady Gaga back in the news, if it is that at some point it ceased to be it. If you remember this past summer I anticipate the news of the launch of her new perfume, which without giving any concrete details about it already made it clear that it would be unusual.

Well, several months later it seems that her perfume notes are taking form and certainly will not go unnoticed to anyone. As the famous singer said in a recent interview with an Australian radio, it aims to containing its perfume Summary of his own blood and also Summary of semen (we do not know who), but everything seems to indicate that the scent will not be affected by these components and will be a mere publicity gimmick for those fans who want to be a part of the artist.

One further eccentricity to join the many who already has behind him and also one more reason to be wary of fragrances covering faces and well-known names of actors and singers, although it’s this woman it is clear that it exceeds any limit.