Learn How to Use Makeup Brushes

Hi guys! Everything good with you? This post is a little retarded, but I finally have a little time to finish it today!! Who is in greater doubt on time to use makeup brushes? I confess that before I became a professional makeup artist I was brush terrors! That of sponge then passed away! Today, I see them as our best allies in time to make that skin finish, with that outlined in PER-FEI-TO kitten! And was thinking of possible doubt many of you readers, I decided to make this post: after all, what is the function of each brush? I separated some templates that I consider “essential”. I believe that with these, you can make the perfect makeup! Of course, if the money’s short, just the sponge can handle virtually all (Jaja you will understand why).

Learn How to Use Makeup Brushes

Sponge brush:

Collection set is without a doubt my favorite. Many professionals disagree, say that is not professional use of a material as simple, but believe me, the effect is amazing!

Like it is: the sponge brush is one that comes in almost every quartetinhos of shadows that we see out there, and usually has two ends with esponjinhas on both sides.

For serving: I use the sponge brush to apply shadows and leaves them super Pigmented!After you apply a primer for eyes (Urban Decay or of the Boticário), the eyelid is ready to receive the product, and how the shadows fall powder cake, it is better to press the sponge brush on the eyelid you know? Depositing all the shadow, and as it’s getting pigmentation of the product. If you think above the concave was very marked, can still go up in smoke! So I say, this is the B B B (Good, nice and cheap)!

Blending brush:

This is the famous “must-have” in order to let the flawless finish!

Like it is: generally, the blending brush, is small (the size of the sponge, but with hairs), has the tip tapered a bit (which provides accuracy in time of course) and tends to be WAAAAY soft! In fact, he has must be soft, in case you want to go up in smoke with him.If you buy a blending brush more firm, trust me, you won’t be able to use it for this purpose.

For serving: you know when we make that obliterated eye, and suddenly that absurd line between the eyebrow and the beginning of the shadow? Creepy huh? Next time, try “wet” the brush in an opaque Brown shadow, and rub with moves back-and-forth, bypassing the whole area was very marked. Is sure of a perfect esfumadinho!

Flat Top Kabuki Brush:

This is essential for those who want to be with your skin in order (and who doesn’t want it, change your mind djááá!)

Like it is: looks tight, the cable is stockier, and has very dense bristle. Generally, it is made with two types of fibres, which leaves the finish time to apply the product directly on the face, much more natural.

For serving: to apply base, fia! Applying with circular motions (without clogging up of product at once, slowly, to the finish be perfect), your face will be smooth butt made of baby! Are you broke? Go with the same hand, but will be molambenta (a little bit, but it will!) Outside that, it’s pretty poor hygiene be using your hand to apply the products, our hands are extremely greasy on contact with the skin of the face, lay still more fat in it, and let the pretty face and wonderful, shining, like cooking oil.

Brush for blush:

The famooooooso guilty for letting a lot of women like I’ve been a chinelada on his face!

Like it is: when you think of makeup brush, which is the first that comes into your mind?It’s that sweet, hairy, huh? Point to you. Is it really what we’re talking about (a little smaller than you think, because I know what you thought of the brush to dust – item which I consider absolutely expendable – one helluva hairy, right?)

For serving: to give an air of health, cleaning, fresh, clean, cute! Not to sound crazy!Women of my BRASEEEEEL, care in time to apply the blush! He is the cause of the greatest damage makeupartísticos I’ve ever witnessed. Gently pass, starting from the tragus (the little ball in the ear, where everyone put piercing know?) toward your mouth.For God’s sake, don’t follow up, you can count on two fingers from her, and stop there.Will stay with beautiful face, I promise!

People with these 4 brushes, you can survive! Got questions about a product? Comment here, leave your question! Don’t agree with something? My post reflects just my more experienced in the area of 6 makeup, may be it will work if you do it the wrong way-I mean, other than my-eh?