Let out Grow Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are also great and medium length hair. Only the transition, which is usually difficult. How to style hair, which is neither the one nor the other?

Once Kurzhaarfrisur and back: the long hair can be cut off, it’s usually a matter of a few minutes. Want to mind again on medium or even long time upgrading from her short hair, you need to have patience first and second many, creative ideas. Because the transition is pretty annoying. The hair fall unattractive, you can do no right hair – but also no real option is to simply hang the hair. What to do?

Short Hairstyles Should Be Even Longer

The Munich hairdresser Stefan M. Pauli makes it clear “There is no transition cutting”.The professional but not so that its customers would have to just endure the annoying stage between Kurzhaarfrisur and long hair, explains that no matter how. His view: No hairstyle should be viewed as a cumbersome workaround, as he reveals in the conversation with “Elle”. “If it is not satisfied with his haircut, you lose the desire to and runs the risk, once again cut off the hair”, so his experience. He therefore recommends women to sacrifice in between prefer a few centimeters, although this was contrary to the actual target. That help to maintain the stamina.

“Boxie”: Pixie-Bob Mixture

From hair, which once was a Pixie and a Bob will be increased, thus no transitional cut, but a “Boxie”. A step cut is usually a good solution on the way from Kurzhaarfrisur to longer hair. Transitions create soft, adjust the contours and cut the levels. According to theviennastyle, of course applies here as in all other hairstyles: face, head shape and texture of the hair provide, what is possible and what is not.

Prominent examples, that the transition from the Pixie to the Bob skillfully master, there is also. Jennifer Lawrence about wears her hair cut off in the summer now again longer and usually casual backwards coiffed. Emma Watson left compact cut the hair in the growth stage: your stylists provided for soft steps and short contours. Shorten the growth period of the own hair can be not only beautify, by the way.