L’Or by Guerlain, Base Makeup with 24 Carat Gold

The knowledgeable of this prestigious firm of Alta Cosmética, Guerlain, known for years the benefits of the old Divinaura, renovated last year 2007 but which retains all the leaves of pure gold of 24 k gold suspension transparent gel.

As you read it: is a Foundation makeup that contributes glow to the skin, it fixes makeup permanently and has firming effect. What is called cosmetic flash beauty but with the gold plus.

Apply the gel on the newly cleansed facial skin: you will immediately notice the freshness This light and moisturizing gel. You can then make up in the usual way and potenciarás the end result.

Attention: It is not a product for use only. Either apply a makeup or moisturizer envelope Guerlain l’Or. To have a formula dermotensora, the feeling after a while would be nothing comfortable tightness. The skin needs the second application, either a liquid makeup or day treatment.

In other words, you can use it in two ways: occasionally, to perfect a makeover; daily, as a concentrate or serum under your usual day cream. In any case, you will notice how your skin is smooth and radiant all day. And is for all skin types: have no excuse to try it.

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