Make-up for Mature Skin

The beauty is ageless and, with the techniques and certain cosmetic products, marks the passage of time can be camouflaged. See what to do to hide the imperfections.

There’s absolutely nothing to stop a woman to keep your age a secret. If you know how to use the tricks of makeup right, can disguise inaccuracies and sublimate the strongest points of your face. The professional brand Mary Kay make-up people gives you some tips to help the fight against time. Putting into practice these advices, you can get a younger and more alluring aspect.

In order to improve your skin situation, here are our advices. These are the recommendations must follow to enhance your look and make your eyes more beautiful (yet):

-The shadows of neutral eyes tend to be the ones that favor you. Try the Brown and grey tones. Should
avoid dark or bright hues that tend to emphasize the fine lines of the eyes.

-Beaded eyelashes open look and two layers of mascara are a better bet than one thicker layer.

-We have to be careful with the pencil. The negro has a tendency to give a closed eyelids effect should opt for softer colors. It will also be a good idea, draw a thin line exactly and only on the line of the upper eyelashes.

-In order to add some definition to the lower part of the eye, try using the shadows of eyes instead of using the eyeliner and so will achieve a smoother image.