Make Up the Colors to Enhance Your Face Look

The make-up is essential for all women. When we find the right makeup, we tend not to change it more. We get used to seeing us in a certain way and we become attached to that image of us. But really the trick will change according to the season and fashion and, let’s face it, even according to our character or a particular situation.

Summer is approaching more and more, the days get longer and the heat increases. With light summer clothes summer flowers a make-up would be too garish. We will be much nicer if we will focus on raw and pastel shades both lips to eyes.

Also with good weather we women tend to less makeup on, or at least less “heavy” compared to winter.So, that trick will prevail this summer? The make-up should be natural, soft colors, upgraded to contemporary floral motifs. But how can we enhance our face? What we need to concentrate on?

Here are a few simple tips for you to follow:

  • By a young complexion. With light and bright summer clothes, make-up must be reduced to the essential: earth tones on the eyelid, like vanilla highlight up to the eyebrows. Pinkish hue to the cheeks and lips. The effect is enhanced by a perfect base: foundation and face powder.
  • Absolutely natural. Betting on a slightly opaque foundation and a bright eye shadow to have a beautiful appearance. And just lipstick on the lips of skin color.
  • With woven flowers, eyes in the foreground. Clothes that look like a flowery meadow, summer and very romantic. The make-up should be as mild: discrete lips, eyes that sparkle in earthy tones and much, much, much mascara. With her ​​hair down the look is delightfully feminine, with her ​​hair is glamorous enough for a party.