Makeup in Your Hand Thanks to YSL

Yves Saint Laurent He has designed a curious gem: this is a pulsera-polvorera (to call it somehow). In fact, it is a bracelet with a box of gold containing Lipstick, lip gloss and eye shadow bar. Obviously, the dimensions of the box prevent having a lot of makeup and applicators, so it is required to use the finger, with much expertise.

However, taking into account the price of makeup (and jewels), and not forgetting that we are talking about YSL, the price is commensurate with the size of the product: cost 55 dollars (something very similar in euros). A very reasonable price for an original and functional product. If James Bond has a clock with laser and a pen with micro to fulfill their missions, we have this invention to facilitate the difficult task of be beautiful, anywhere, anytime. An ideal gift for Christmas.