Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Do you show a few years older than they really have? Do not you just cover gray hair! Here are 10 mistakes to avoid to look younger.

Every day we do everything to seem in perfect shape, beautiful and fresh. Or at least we try.

We take care of our appearance in every detail, we choose the makeup that makes us look radiant and that values ​​our eyes.

We wear clothes that suit our physical and we try not to eat all the chocolate you want.

Sometimes, however, before the mirror, something seems to have gone wrong.

Self-esteem takes a hit and just do not understand why, despite our favorite lipstick do its part, we feel “weighed down”, dull, maybe even a little ‘aged.

Have you ever thought it might be all the fault of your hair ? Yes, your hair beloved.

The wrong color, the wrong products, the wrong cut, and certainly excessive use of plates and curling irons, can play there a bad mirror and put on him a few years too.

Certainly more than you actually from best cheap lighted makeup mirror.

A problem only for women “adult”, you will think. Not at all!

Although it is true that Sharon Stone with her ​​short haircut is so beautiful and tasty are the envy of many twenties, it is equally true that Keira Knightley with chocolate brown hair shows at least 5 years older.

Often we do not realize that some small beauty mistakes that may commit unknowingly “graying” our appearance.

So it is good to take note and to rely on a good hairdresser.

We must always remember that the perfect harstyle always thought based on physical characteristics – complexion and eye color – and the personality of the woman who will show off.

Before you stake everything on a permanent style eighties, just because you’ve seen on Beyonce, trying to keep the rhythm of Rihanna’s look changes, try to figure out which cut and which color suits you,

Without falling in the 10 very common mistakes that could make you look older.

1. Ignore the gray hair

Sooner or later we all have to face the hideous appearance of white hair, sooner or later.

If a few gray hairs, however, is not indicative of age of a woman, made a canopy where are evident or white root that can not grow any woman.

Both at 20 years to 40.

2. The dry and damaged hair

The dry, brittle and damaged by an abuse of chemical treatments are not a pretty sight and often can weigh down your appearance.

Karli Tagliali ME!

A nice thick and healthy hair will make you look younger now .

3. too Long Hair

The hair should frame the face, falling gradually from the cheekbones to the chin, and should never exceed the shoulders.

The hair too long will become increasingly spoiled and neglected than they really are, are not suitable for younger girls or to adult women.


4. too Short Hair

Even in the case of short hair it is essential to proceed with caution.

First you have to wonder if our face shape is suitable for this hairstyle so extreme.

If we are really convinced that they want to proceed, then let us consider just one real expert scissors.

The most difficult haircuts to do it is the shorter.

But be careful: if your skin is guilty of brightness and the first wrinkles have already appeared on your face, do not complain if with short hair will look older!

5. Too Dark Hair

The dark brown, darker red or jet black color is too “thinking” for lighter flesh tones and narrow faces.

Better to choose warmer colors can soften your appearance.

If you are dark in nature, to cover gray hair choose a product rich in reflections, glossy effect.

Morticia Addams vade retro!

6. bangs too long

Women often make the mistake of hiding their insecurities behind her hair, obscuring their true beauty.

Instead of keeping the hair in front of the face and cover the forehead with bangs, shows off your face with a hairstyle that enhances your features.

Like the fringe and you can not help it? Choose one frayed, that incornici your eyes.

7. Ricci eighties

Beautiful, to be seen on the models and photos.

Less of us real women. I guarantee!

It makes no sense to stress our hair with the permanent and combing, to a fad.

This type of vintage curls, rather than make us feel glamorous, it can make us look anachronistic and elderly!

8. Chignon alto cotonato

We have seen this show off as many stars in recent months, from J.Lo to Sarah Jessica Parker.

But their looks are lovingly cared for. What do I mean?

What a chignon high bouffant of jeans or modern dress can not only look ridiculous, but you will inevitably look like much to a photo of a young grandmother.

9. The artificial and flat smooth

The smooth perfect was very much in vogue in recent years, especially among the young, who have submitted their tresses to endless sessions of the plate and hairdryer.

It is a hairstyle that, however, is not suitable for all.

Inserts the face in a frame-dimensional that can only highlight the quirks of our face.

10. The braid

If I keep this for long hair I have been given to girls and young girls there is a reason.

If you long past adolescence you do not give it up altogether.

Choose one disheveled and simple, avoids the hairstyles with braid as the protagonist, like the one in the picture.

The reason? No one should think that doing everything to tornar child!