Makeup Products for Eyes

“Listen up, screw up your eyes! Or you plan to fight your first wrinkles at 16? “- once my mom told her pubescent daughter. I wanted to wear no glasses then partout, without which I’d seen nothing but and was so to speak forced to deform my eyes to two slots to run against a post.

So my mom was the one who raised this fear of wrinkles in me. It’s obvious! I know yet exactly, as I had begun the wrinkle war at 17(!) with my first eye cream. I would like to continue this even at 40. I no longer stalling together my eyes, I wear glasses now, anyway I will tell of the aging process (crap, not a beautiful word!) wir…vom progressive progress of the tire is not spared. So I tirelessly cream me!

Currently, I use the eye & lip cream of organic skincare, an absolute all-rounder, which ensures the rays of my eyes and at the same time my smooth lips. The cream is very soft and rich. (I love this kind of dosage!) Pumps just once and everything is easy-no time maintained. Hyaluronic acid provides sufficient moisture and antioxidants protect against free radicals. The smell is very neutral, is a good skin care for men.

Speaking of men and cosmetics. I think men who are maintaining excessively, actually not much. Yikes, so suddenly my tolerance is lost. Well, no competition in the bathroom, on the other hand, our bathroom cabinet cope with simply no other care products, otherwise he still cracks together.

What about you? Would also be interested in your opinion on “The man with a cucumber mask on your face”…