Makeup Tip to Work!

Monday, the international day of the diet, get tight in the Academy, international day of laziness, and indeed why not put all that aside and take the opportunity to innovate in makeup to work? Today’s tutorial that Vasundhara prepared for you with a Joker makeup, one that goes with everything-the work happy hour, i.e. that makeup that every woman should know to save the day is a makeup simple, easy and quick to do. To make the makeup I used all products from Natura, which you can find with several resellers around the country, certainly has a closer to you!

Turns and moves somebody ask me how do I my make, because she’s one of my marks. And today I came to show the step by step of my esfumadinho success that I use for work and on several other occasions. And look: If you haven’t mastered the techniques of makeup like I do, watch out, because this I guarantee you’ll be able to do, and be very successful. A tip that is life for us who use makeup to work: it is not necessary to take advantage of makeup to highlight the beauty of the face, because each one has your unique form and natural beauty, and of course on the labour market, it is important not to use excessive colors the color Joker of my makeup was Brown, for being neutral, we must avoid the colored makeup, since your work environment requires something more formal.

If this is the case, follow these tips:

✿ Prefer to use shadows with cool colors and earthy (Navy Blue, Brown and beige);

✿ The mascara can be black or Brown, but avoid them tight, or too loaded on the eyelashes;

✿ In water row tag use common sense, avoid spending an amount that blot throughout the day, prefer to pass this along several times a day;

✿ The always blush in soft colours and opaque, avoid the sparkling or really “arrived”, opt for discretion;

✿ Watch concealer for the correction of dark circles, if you use too much it can end up doing the opposite effect and make you like a wax doll-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA;

✿ I chose a coral lipstick, but you can opt for the tone or a light pink too.

Check out the photo gallery and video that I prepared especially for you!