Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

There are some tricks to make your make-up last longer. Here are some tips to have a perfect cosmetic bag and save in style.

More than once admit of not properly be of the artists as regards make-up.

Yet, despite tutorials and the like, in a few they teach us to save when it comes to tricks.

It is not intended savings to the product, ie the buying less expensive, but more a saving as regards the mode of use of the tricks.

Because often exaggerate, care is never enough and we have to throw tricks etc ahead of time.

For this reason we decided to give you a few make-up tips you should read every day as advised by internetdict.


Create a custom color for the lips by mixing your favorite hues in a cans, such as the pill or the vitamins port.

Add to taste, creating a single color.

When you have chosen your perfect shade, the colors funds along with the hair dryer.


He tries to mask a hangover, and dark circles below the bare eyelinere.

To give new color to your face and cover quickly tired eyes and red dall’hangover, take a pencil nude color and aligns the lower eyelids.

You believe in miracles.


Make your lipstick last longer with a tissue and a bit ‘of translucent powder.

Insert a thin fabric over the lipstick and the powder in the top of the fabric.

This will help you set your lipstick and will be long-lasting.

Tested at 100%.


Repair your broken lipstick with a match.

Put the broken pieces inside the lipstick container and with a lighter (or match) heats. When you compact, uses his fingers to stop the ends.

When you’re done put it in the fridge over night and when you wake up it will be like new.


Customize your cream colored.

Mix your favorite moisturizer to your bronzer.

The cream colored you think ?! Out Yet with BBcream etc. should understand that the more the skin looks natural is better.

Gently scrape the bronzing powder with a fingernail or a paper clip and add slowly to adjust the color level.


Place a piece of paper underneath the lashes and apply mascara to avoid smudging.

Cut a small circle on a piece of paper and place it under the thick eyelashes, then applicandoci mascara.

The card allows you to get a good coat of mascara thick and prevents ruining your eye shadow.

(Photo: web)


Mixes the lipsticks to find the exact shade of your lips.

As above, you’ll have realized that personalization is what is most important it may be.

Cut the two shades of lipstick that you prefer and mix them.

If you have a small box of an old eye shadow, it will be a perfect container.


Use eye shadow despite the heat.

Moisten the brush and dab on the towel to get a bit ‘of excess water and use it to apply your favorite eye shadow.

The water will make the color less pixelated and above all will have a much longer duration.


Use your finger to wipe the lipstick on your teeth.

To make sure not to have residues of lipstick on the teeth, stuck a finger in his mouth and then take it out, just after application.

With this gesture you take away all the excess lipstick around the inland areas of the mouth.


Mix your own sunscreen with foundation.

No need to spend who knows how to a little ‘BBcream.

Just mix it with the protective cream from UV rays that normally use (or should use).


Use a towel to remove excess oil on your face.

The absorbent paper works great for removing all there is more on our face.


Transform pencils for eyes and lips gel thanks to a lighter.

Get your pencils and scaldale with a lighter in a few seconds.

They will turn into gel and the color will be more pigmented.


Apply white eye shadow as a base to make your most colorful eyeshadow.
In this way, besides having a more pop color, eye shadow will last even longer.