Makeup Train

Raise your hand if the morning is always in a hurry. The alarm sounds, but we we linger under the covers, especially during the cold season, knowing that outside is too cold and we have too much sleep for the day. And we always end up with having breakfast as we go to take the train or the metro, truccandoci precisely on the vehicle that is leading us to work. Know that if you apply make-up in the usual train, you should stop as soon as possible: it is potentially dangerous for the health of your eyes!

Wear makeup while the train is moving, but in general makeup of any means of transport, metro bus, even through the car, can be potentially dangerous for our eyes: apply mascara or eyeliner can be a lottery, because a sudden stop or a jolt can cause serious damage to the eye.

A British doctor, expert in their own eye health, launched the sudden braking alarm can make us make the mistake of scratching the cornea with a brush or pencil. Scratching may cause pain and also lead to infections. Before makeup on, then, we should be careful to wash our hands, all the more so because we’re on public transport and in contact with possible germs.

Tomorrow morning, then, truccatevi before or at the office when you arrive by train, by subway or bus reading a good book or take a nap, your eyes will thank you!