Makeup with Colored Pencils

Recently, I have discovered Kohl pencils back totally for me. They are super easy and you can make-up a whole look with just a few products. This is the case with this look. In addition to foundation and mascara I used only this 3 Kohl pencils for eye makeup and lip makeup.


The pins are manufactured in German – and not only reminded of the crayons in the school, but it is also a little bit. The color range is big. Once shop online, rummages through the page, where you will find almost every color.


Today, I have decided for the colors of 125 and 134 for the eyes and 224 for the lips. The 125 is a beautiful olive tone. I found this above and below the lashes and the upper water line plotted. I have applied the pink tone of 134 on the lower waterline. This is a very delicate color. For the lower waterline, this sounds perfectly, as white as he opens her eyes visually and is still not as flashy. It looks mostly a bit hard.


For the lips I decided for a hint of orange stitch pink shade. This color is so beautiful that I wear them every day at the moment. Because the eye liner alone is quick dry and the lips then much wrinkled look, I wear only a lip balm and then lip liner. If I use the color during the day, I’m only wearing the lip liner and then go with a lip balm over the color.


I think all pins first for approximately one second over the fire of a lighter or a candle, since the pins are very hard and they give off the color much better when they are briefly heated. But ensure that you hold in the flame, because then it is black – everything already tried. I would describe as average durability; it’s doing a bit on the color. When one wears the color on the hand and wipes with a cloth, it happens relatively quickly. For the eyes, the eyeliner keeps but very well and does not rub off on the lid. This means that I can get no Panda eyes – very good eyeliner!


The color picker is big. In addition to these simple mascaras, there are also automatic eyeliner and lip liner. These are Kohl pencils that you can turn out. At this, even a small pencil sharpener is located at the end of the post. Then there are Kohl pencils with glitter pigments. That looks beautiful and there are also liquid eyeliner and different eyebrow pencils.