Malu Mader: Designer Of Eyebrows Teaches The Tricks Of The Actress

Today, 12 September, Malu Mader complete 46 years of age. The actress, who began his artistic career in the theater to 16 years, experienced many characters in novels very important and even participated in some movies. Currently Malu Mader, Tony Bellotto, is married to guitarist of the Group Titans and has two children.

As you all know, the eyebrow of Malu is his trademark. The actress seeks to maintain the air of naturalness when you withdraw it. “Malu Mader kept their eyebrows with natural air, but it is evident that over the years they were being cleaned and framed measures without losing the original expression,” says Regina Monteiro, designer of eyebrows.

There are several other types of eyebrows and, therefore, it is essential to keep them in harmony with the shape of the face. “We found endless ways eyebrows: straight, arched, angled, thick, thin, thick, care, different. The important thing is each combine with the face, “he says.

“The nature the way then just emphasize it. It was from the natural forms that we found that the round face combines more with straight and thick eyebrows, the oval with straight and arched shaped square “, indicates Regina.

Regina alert women that remove with waxing. She says to shave the eyebrows with wax causes the eyelid to fall over time, as well as burn and stain the skin. “The best way to remove them is with tweezers and finish with the line” recommends. Time to “calculate” the proportion of the eyebrow with the shape of the eyes to determine the optimal size, Regina advises “measure start and end from the inside and outside of the nose and the ends of the eye”. To decrease the size of the wires at the top of the eyebrow, the designer says it is necessary to comb the strands up and cut with a scissors line the ends in disharmony.

It is important to keep the face in order and therefore care eyebrows every 15 or 20 days is critical. “In the remaining days, remove the hairs from the bottom of the eyebrow is very important,” he says. Get a designer of eyebrows to remove excess on most often is the best option. “The professional eyebrows never thins and Yes harmonizes, corrects damage, intensifies the dash, returns the self-esteem and respects the unique shapes of eyebrows. In addition to any technique, it reads the shapes of brows of customers through their personality, “he says.