Manicure Nails with Nail Accessories

Manicured hands and nails with nail accessories at Ehuacom

Buy nail files, nail scissors and nail care accessories at Ehuacom manicured hands and nails belong to a neat appearance.

The nails should be not only clean, but cut to a suitable length. At Ehuacom, you will find a wide variety of accessories for a professional and thorough nail care. A pair of nail scissors, a nail clippers or a nail file can be used to trim the nails. Nail scissors and file are often together in small pouches, which are suitable for carrying in a handbag. There are nail scissors like nail clippers, in various strengths for finger and toenails. With a nail cuticle scissors can be accurately and gently removed cuticles before they blow it up. The nails not only to the desired length to be shortened but also continue to be treated, for example, a 4 in 1 nail is used. Through the different grit of filing leaves the nails can be trimmed, cleaned, smoothed and polished.

Now, discover the huge selection of accessories and accessories for the perfect nail care in your Ehuacom online shop. From an order value of €25 Ehuacom delivers the ordered goods working days within 1 to 2 free to you home.

Manicured hands and nails