Mascara Essence I Love Extreme Review

Hi girls! We are all more or less in love with the products Essence ! Super cheap and of excellent quality!

Today we speak of a mascara that I really loved: MASCARA ESSENCE I LOVE EXTREME (pink box)!

When I bought this mascara does not yet know very well the Essence brand, but drawn to the very low price for a mascara ( 3.29 euro ) I decided to buy it thinking “so badly that I spent just go” and instead I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of this product!

It was really a surprise for me! It ‘a mascara SUPER ECONOMIC making a much more expensive mascara shoes! But let’s see it in detail …

Let’s start by saying that this mascara is the younger brother of his namesake black box I LOVE EXTREME, both have the same cylindrical packaging but the black and pink colors are reversed.


The brush of mascara Essence I love Extreme (pink) is soooo great and is silicone with very thick teeth that make the application easier.

The texture of this mascara is pretty mellow, but after a few uses, it spreads very easily without forming any lump. The effect is stretching further and creates a lot of volume from the base of the lashes with no group as we have seen was a manga mascara L’oreal . The color is a black very intense and lasts a long time considering that this is not a waterproof product!

The amount of product is 12 ml  (a lot!) And the deadline is 6 months after opening

Price: 3.29 Euro REALLY GOOD !!!

In the video I show you this mascara compared to another famous mascara: Essence I LOVE EXTREME .. who will win the challenge?
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