Meet the Team: Elina Neumann | Beauty & Healthy Living

Who last week exactly has looked in the team photo of our Christmas celebration, which will have already discovered, that our small, fine Editor besides me and Nike has now grown to incredible six solid authors: Sarah, Julia (Koch), Laura and Julia (Korbik) you already know – and now two more ladies in the wings. We want to imagine today one of them: Elina Neumann is that together with our Scalamari Jane off immediately the topic of beauty and healthy living address and try it out for you, do research like crazy, and beauty brands more closely scrutinized to make to here no nastiest more too short coming. Beauty interested you is obviously equal to twice – exactly are now a dual leadership. So easy!

But this was not long ago with the innovations: you may give our two Blondis namely starting immediately the one or other order and holes the two with your questions so that they can begin looking for answers: self testing, product testing, stories behind the brand or absurd trends of overseas all around the topic must be of beauty & healty living here. Now, what Burns you on your heart? Now but once in turn, because we start today very delicate and only once in detail present Elina or let them rather, come herself to Word:


What do you dream?

Of a large farmhouse, a gigantic garden with Apple, cherry and plum trees, a long and old wooden table with patina for plenty of room for love.

Oh, pardon, but first introduce yourself:

Hi, my name is Elina. A 34-year-old girl (or maybe I’m also a woman), who was born in Kyrgyzstan, but grew up in the beautiful southern Germany, more precisely in the front of Heidenheim. I’ve done this and that: fashion design studies, then landed in the PR and now I have made my task, to inspire people with my beauty blog. Life is hard enough, beauty should be easy. It’s not about swatches, it’s much more about to have fun and to try something new – if you want it if not, that is ok too. Bare minds, so my beauty baby’s name and is a digital home for women who want daily inspiration. There you will find tips for skin and hair, all super easy to go to, or just to look at. Well, and then there is the social media industry, I assume for the one or the other brand is.

What are you funny thoughts?

How smart we all are and how we have developed this weird symbols, these letters, for example, to communicate with each other. Stark or?

What prejudice can you simply won’t hear?

No, I’m not conceited, I’m simply just a little quiet. And especially, I makeover just me not all day long because I am interested in beauty.

And what else bugs you?

Prejudices and drawers.

With which song are you going up?

With which book are you going in the evening in bed?

At the time: with the stone and the flute by Hans Bemmann. I think with the ham, it will take a few nights until I have something new.

A few good methods to survive everyday life?

Think with your head, but listen to your heart. Don’t forget breakfast. Eat much and tasty, and with friends. Take you even not too seriously. Everything can be, nothing.

Something that you like to give away?

Dates. It does not say yes to otherwise “make memories”!

You’re addicted?

Yes, cleaned teeth and makeup off. And of course after risotto!

What should we people eager to learn?

To forgive.

And what really influenced you?

Life 2016 ascent and descent was my, but what doesn’t kill one, make you stronger, right?

What should we non ask you?

Who would you like to be?

Why are you here?

Because you get the offer not all days, to this is Jane Wayne his beauty blah to get rid of. Cancellations was not an option.

The silliest beauty rule?

Lot helps a lot. By due! Less is sometimes more.

And which give you most?

Make-up removal, down with the painting. Now come on!

Why does makeup not stupid?

Used in bulk and not in bulk, it can make pretty much fun and yet still beautiful: so everything else as stupid!

What surprises you?

Cordiality and helpfulness!

And what scent of your favorite person?

For love!

What beauty trend is just really good friends in?

Minimal nails and hair of nature: A ungestylte mane, a deep-seated ponytail with a few plucked out highlights. Gorgeous of course!

What should we waive often?

Bad mood! Nix brings eh.