Mesotherapy Body Fat Reduction

Amore beautiful body, toned and fit, without necessarily resorting to surgery? Cosmetic medicine provides us with a much less invasive and equally effective treatment: mesotherapy.

Cellulite, water retention, localized fat deposits, are undoubtedly among the issues that most affect us women.To do who has never happened, at least once to think of resorting to cosmetic surgery, but to desist because of the exorbitant costs of the subsequent issues intervention, or of the possible side effects? Well, the aesthetic medicine in recent years has made ​​great strides, and Mesotherapy, is just one of many effective treatments and decisive, able to solve the problems mentioned above in a decidedly less invasive and risky.  Without scalpels precisely.

But let’s see in detail what it is.

The term “mesotherapy”, is derived from mesoderm , or the average deep layer of the dermis, in which the drug substance can penetrate efficacemente.La intradermal mesotherapy involves the injection of drugs, that in alternative would be administered systemically or orale.Tale injection is performed (by a qualified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon), through the use of special needles 6mm that given the small length allow to administer quantities of drugs to the minimum volta.Tali needles can be consolidated into a maximum number of 18 total so to make an even more capillare.La intradermal administration therapy it is therefore more advantageous, compared to the systemic, as in the drug is able to enter into the circulation in an immediate and localized without the need of having to elapse in the various areas of the body to reach the blood vessels, thus ensuring an immediate impact with a drug dosage minimo.Tale treatment is not commonly applied for the administration of drugs (although considerably more advantageous), because the mesotherapy is effective only as regards quele diseases that respond positively to surface treatments.


Mesotherapy and ‘suitable for anti-cellulite treatment, localized fat deposits more or less extensive, venous and lymphatic disorders (such as water retention), motor rehabilitation, sports microtrauma, bone diseases and arthropathy, dermatological conditions and in the face rejuvenation treatment. In If cellulite, fat and water retention, mesotherapy ensures a firmer, toned body and slender, with a consequent increase in the tone and elasticity of the skin.

  • mesotherapy TREATMENT

The patient is treated by iniziezione of active ingredients diluti in saline solution and injected intradermally in the area through a single injector (single needle) or multi injectors (10 to 18 needles together), depending on the extent of the area from trattare.Prima course of treatment, the doctor will adequately ensure that the patient has allergies to specific active ingredients for the problem that afflicts him, by appropriate allergologici.Una test before mesotherapy session does not bring satisfactory benefits, then it is saying that a meaningful It will be necessary to make a therapeutic cycle characterized by at least 8 or 10 sessions, established by the physician according to the extent of the disease.

And ‘appropriate to assist the complementary therapy treatments such as draining massages, pressure therapy, and bandaging, which favoring microcirculation and drainage of liquids, in the case of cellulite, will bring additional benefits, combined with those of the treatment your doctor mesoterapico.Sarà also advise the intake of plant assets such as butcher’s broom, gotu kola, horse chestnut or caffeine, all acts to drain, strengthen capillary walls, and encourage both venous and lymphatic circulation to prevent stagnation of liquidi.A all this can also be combined with specific creams or gel according to the treated problematic.


As regards the mesotherapy treatment are administered lipolytic substances, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory, protective of the capillaries, anti-aging, or analgesic according to the treated problematic (We have seen that mesotherapy is effective not only on cellulite).


Following a mesotherapy session is likely if there are any bumps or bruises due to rupture of blood vessels during iniezioni.Tale disorder, it tends to disappear within a few ora.Raramente the treated area is particularly sore and swollen as they are injected analgesics and anti-edematous also acts to prevent this inconveniente.Proprio because the injection is localized, extended side effects and most entities are really crucial rari.Cosa, are as already mentioned, allergy testing that the operator must carry on the patient before the treatment, to avoid allergic reactions more severe and very annoying!


The treatment of mesotherapy advantages far outweigh those that can be the svantaggi.Primo among all the injection is localized not going to convolgere in any way other organs, thereby preventing any potential side effects, and therefore reducing the rischio.I results instead after a cycle of at least 8 0 10 sessions, they are long-term and guaranteed over time, of course combined with a balanced diet and proper exercise.

On the contrary must be avoided during pregnancy and lactation, in patients suffering from heart disease or cancer, or who previously have undergone radiation or chemotherapy, avoid pursuing this treatment even in people who have problems related to the thyroid or who are use of antidepressants.

In short, a solution less invasive and far cheaper than the scalpel! Only recommendation, also valid in the case of cosmetic or aesthetic medical treatments of any kind, is to rely on the serious, competent, qualified and above certified to carry out certain treatments, offering professional advice and affidabile.Sappiamo well that these days, it is always good to choose the expert hands that deal properly our body, so before you act, be informed, Documentiamoci, we provide more consultations in order to have multiple terms of comparison, and evaluate capillarmente.Seppur minimally invasive, it is always a drug treatment.